Three Trends Shaping the 2021 Cloud Hosting Market

Intricately’s cloud data empowers go-to-market teams with a granular view into the many sectors of the cloud infrastructure market. 

Our latest cloud market report applies this very focused lens to analyze the buyers and sellers in the cloud hosting market. In our 2021 State of the Cloud Hosting Market Report, Intricately has identified over 1.5 million businesses that are purchasing cloud hosting services, with spend adding up to a total cloud hosting market value of $108 billion. 

Within this analysis,  several market trends have emerged – leading to sustained market growth in 2021 and beyond. Here are three key takeaways.

1. Multi-cloud implementations are becoming the norm

Intricately data shows that multi-cloud implementations among enterprise businesses have been steadily increasing over the past five years. One innovation that has fueled this shift is the adoption of containerization. Taking much complexity out cloud hosting implementation and operation, the shift to containers has increased flexibility and scalability, and is one of the key drivers empowering buyers to leverage multi-cloud implementations. 

One example of a big enterprise buyer Intricately can see has adopted a multi-cloud strategy is Peloton Interactive. 

Multi-cloud strategy spotlight: Peloton Interactive

Read the full report for more on the impact of multi-cloud on cloud buying and selling.

2. Commoditization is adjusting market expectations

The cloud infrastructure market is quickly becoming commoditized. As quality standards increase, so do buyer expectations for ease-of-use and flexibility. As more and more options for cloud hosting services become available to buyers, sellers are finding success in customized cloud offerings. 

  • Amazon Web Services is a leader in the personalization of cloud services, providing specialized solutions by use-case, organization type or industry.  
  • Intricately customer Snowflake approached the market as a specialized solution – a new high-margin data cloud that better served the demand of the market. 

Today's cloud buyers have embraced this trend and have come to expect more personalized cloud solutions from their providers. There are a multitude of benefits that specialized cloud solutions bring to buyers, like streamlined resourcing and cost savings.

3. Cloud "laggards" have accelerated their digital transformation

The global demand for secure remote technology driven by the global pandemic led to a massive acceleration of cloud adoption. Even industries that were previously considered "laggards" became rapid cloud adopters to stay relevant and successful, as digital services replaced standard face-to-face consumer experiences. 

Forrester recently highlighted the rapid cloud adoption in 2020 of top consumer organizations  like Lowes, Instacart, and more. Read our recent blog post for an analysis of their growing cloud adoption, usage and spend. 

As the global economy emerges from the pandemic, this location-agnostic flexibility of technology has become the new normal. This shift is fueling the growth of edge computing and standardizing the move to the cloud across all industries. 

Looking for deeper analysis? Download the report and register for our upcoming webinar.

Intricately's full analysis can be leveraged by cloud buyers and sellers alike to differentiate themselves in a crowded, dynamic market. Download the 2021 State of the Cloud Hosting Market Report by clicking on the button below.

Download the Report

Additionally, the Intricately team will be hosting a webinar reviewing these key findings on Thursday, June 3rd, 2021 at 1:30pm EST. Our CEO Michael Pollack and VP of Marketing Sarah E. Brown will be examining:

  • The product spend, growth, and adoption data of leading businesses in cloud hosting
  • The rise of multi-cloud and its effect on the cloud hosting market
  • Market trends within the cloud hosting market and the impact of COVID-19
  • Regional growth and spend data on cloud hosting

...and much more! Click here to register to attend in real-time, or to receive the recording if you can't.

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