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Introducing Intricately's 2021 State of the Cloud Hosting Report

Intricately's cloud adoption, usage and spend data empowers cloud go-to-market teams to discover new opportunities and accelerate revenue.

Our granular view into the various sectors of the cloud infrastructure market has revealed new insights into the massive global demand for cloud hosting services, which we're sharing today in our new report, Intricately's 2021's State of the Cloud Hosting Market.  

We share some summary insight below, but download the full report to understand the trends in the market that are driving sustained market growth in 2021 and beyond.

The 2021 Cloud Hosting Market At-a-Glance

Intricately data in this report has revealed the following takeaways:

  • There are over 1.5 million global businesses purchasing cloud hosting services.

  • The total value of the cloud hosting market is $108 billion. This market size excludes Content Delivery, Security, APM, DNS and Traffic Management markets. 

  • Within the past five years, application deployment in the cloud has increased 360%. 

  • The four leading cloud hosting providers, represented on the chart below, account for nearly 70% of the market. 


New Analysis of the Cloud Hosting Market 

In this new cloud market report, we analyze Intricately data on the global cloud hosting market and identify specific companies that are spending significantly on cloud hosting services. Here are just a few of the trends we discovered:

  • Industries previously considered cloud laggards are investing significantly in the cloud.
    We highlight one vertical – manufacturing – that shows key opportunities for providers.

  • There's unmet demand for cloud hosting services in regional markets around the globe. A third of LATAM’s cloud demand and 40% of APAC’s cloud demand is fragmented among smaller regional sellers, representing tens of millions of dollars in opportunity.

  • Commoditization and multi-cloud implementations are growing. These trends are transforming the buyer and seller dynamics of the market.

Download Intricately's 2021 Cloud Hosting Report

Analysts predict IaaS to surpass $200 billion in market value over the next four years. Our data shows that cloud hosting alone is halfway there. Download this report for all the insights that will help you accelerate revenue in this growing market.

View the Report

Let us help you find the next opportunities for cloud vendors within the cloud hosting market.  

Your go-to-market team can partner with Intricately to find your company's best opportunities for revenue growth. Our team can provide a customized report specifically for your company, including market share analysis for any company, market, or industry. 

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