Introducing Intricately's 2022 Cloud Computing Report: High Growth Buyers to Watch

At Intricately, our data experts deeply understand applications, application traffic, and the infrastructure they run on – giving us the ability to predict a buyer's budget with a very high degree of confidence. We call this spend potential, or the propensity a buyer has to spend their budget on your product or service.

In our latest report, Intricately's 2022 High Growth Buyers to Watch, we leverage spend potential to analyze selected global companies with the fastest growing demand for cloud hosting and content delivery (CDN) services. You'll get insights into:

  • The state of the current cloud hosting and CDN market landscapes
  • The cloud product adoption, usage, and spend of selected companies with an increasing need for cloud services
  • How to identify the best opportunities and supercharge your revenue in 2022

Highlights from Intricately's 2022 High Growth Buyers Report

  • The number of cloud applications deployed worldwide grew from 25.6 million to 33.5 million from 2019 to 2020. In the past five years, the number of applications deployed among mid-market companies grew 92%.
  • Content delivery spend is on the rise across all sectors, with global buyers investing over $4 billion per month on CDNs. While the majority is coming from the enterprise, there’s nearly $1 billion in monthly CDN demand from companies with 1000 employees or less.
  • Multi-CDN adoption grows as companies mature. This multi-cloud adoption will continue to accelerate in the mid-market tier for a few reasons, including increased vendor competition and the growing number of specialized CDN offerings.

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Intricately data gives cloud revenue leaders a view into the cloud product adoption, usage, and spend of companies of all sizers – from small startups, to mid-market, to enterprise organizations.

Download the report today to explore high growth companies with big cloud spend potential and capitalize on the opportunities they offer.

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