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Introducing Intricately's 2021 State of the Cloud Security Market Report

As the global cloud market continues to grow – and as cybersecurity threats such as DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) and ransomware attacks continue to evolve, cloud security has become even more critical for organizations seeking to protect their systems, data, and brand reputations. The value of today’s cloud security market is over $30 billion – and is projected to more than double (to $67 billion) by 2026.

Intricately’s 2021 State of the Cloud Security Market Report highlights the growth of the cloud security market, describing what’s driving that growth, and explaining the massive sales opportunity this growth provides sellers of cloud security.

Key takeaways from Intricately’s 2021 State of the Cloud Security Market Report

The report identifies two main drivers of cloud security market growth: (1) increased adoption of cloud services, indicting more infrastructure that needs protecting and (2) cloud security threats like DDoS attacks, ransomware, and others are evolving at an accelerating pace, especially since the pandemic.

1. The overwhelming majority of apps are unprotected by cloud security tools.

Every cloud application represents an opportunity for cloud security vendors, but especially those apps unprotected by DDoS or WAF cloud security tools. Here’s the most eye-opening data point in our entire cloud security report: 93% of applications have no cloud security at all. 

2. Cloud security sales opportunities are mostly outside of North America.

Our cloud security report describes the global distribution of companies that deploy active DDoS and WAF security products. Only 40% of these companies are located in North America (about 61K companies), while 60% are outside of North America (about 48K in EMEA; 21K in APAC; and 10K in LATAM). 

3. Cloud security “company spend tiers” can help you understand the addressable market and identify opportunities.

The report also sorts the global cloud security market into spend tiers, segmenting companies by their monthly cloud security spend. With this segmentation, cloud security sellers can identify significant opportunities selling to the 50,000 companies spending between $1,000 - $100,000 monthly on cloud security.

Download Intricately's 2021 State of the Cloud Security Market Report today

Intricately’s 2021 State of the Cloud Security Market Report offers an unparalleled view into the cloud security product adoption, usage, and spend of more than 7 million companies.

Download today for insights into how cloud security providers can identify their best opportunities in the cloud security market.

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