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Introducing Intricately's State of the 2022 Cloud Hosting Market Report

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As the uncertainty introduced by the COVID-19 pandemic begins to wane, it’s also the case that the accelerating expansion of cloud adoption has come into focus. We are excited to share the 4th Annual Intricately Cloud Hosting Market Report during a period of robust growth for the industry and with great promise for the future.

This report highlights Intricately data on the global cloud hosting market, sharing detailed data visualizations and analysis and identifying specific companies who are spending significantly on cloud hosting services.

Key takeaways from the State of the 2022 Cloud Hosting Market Report

The report offers a deep dive on the cloud hosting market – where it stands now, trends shaping the future, and major players to keep an eye on. Here are some of the report’s key takeaways:

1. Trends driving cloud hosting growth include multi-cloud, regional shifts, and industries with accelerating spend.

In the report, Intricately analysts highlight a variety of market trends that are driving up overall cloud hosting adoption and spend.

It should come as no surprise that the increase in multi-cloud deployments leads to higher cloud hosting spend overall. When buyers utilize a multi-cloud strategy and work with multiple vendors, spend goes up.

The report also dives into some of the geographical nuances of the market: which regions are dominant for cloud hosting adoption and which are growing fastest.

Finally, we explore key industries to watch, both from a standpoint of which industries already have the highest spend and which historically “laggard” industries might be starting to catch up.

2. Keep an eye on the landscape of cloud hosting providers.

In this report, Intricately does a deep dive on the wide range of cloud hosting providers currently in the market. According to Intricately data, the four leading cloud hosting providers account for nearly 64% of the market.

However, over 30% of cloud hosting demand is not being met by the leading 10 providers, leaving plenty of market share up for grabs.

While the leading providers – AWS, Microsoft Azure, AliCloud, and Google Cloud Platform – have been fairly stable in recent years (although jostling for position among themselves), there are other, smaller providers to watch as well. We highlight three of them in the report: Digital Ocean, Linode, and Rackspace.

3. There are major opportunities for cloud hosting providers to capture more spend in the market.

Intricately has identified over 1.5 million businesses that are purchasing cloud hosting services, with a total value of $132 billion. However, the amount of spend up for grabs in the market is certainly even higher, as private cloud infrastructure spend exists as well.

The report highlights three selected cloud hosting prospects from three of the industries with the highest cloud spend.

You’ll have to read the report to see all the prospects, but we’ll give you a sneak peak. One of the highlighted cloud buyers is Plaid, a computer software company based in Sacramento, California.


  • Est. Monthly Cloud Spend: $264K
  • Primary Cloud Hosting Provider: Amazon EC2
  • IT infrastructure spend growth since 2018: 109%

View the Intricately profile for Plaid.

Download Intricately's State of the 2022 Cloud Hosting Market Report Today

Intricately's State of the 2022 Cloud Hosting Market Report offers an unparalleled view into the adoption, usage, and spend of cloud hosting buyers and sellers and market trends around the world.

Download today for insights into key trends for providers and to learn where the market may be heading in 2022.

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