Selected Enterprises with Cloud Growth to Watch in 2021

The global demand for secure remote technology driven by COVID-19 led to a massive acceleration of cloud adoption. 

As the global economy emerges from the pandemic, this location-agnostic flexibility of technology has become the new normal. This shift is fueling the growth of edge computing and standardizing the move to the cloud across all industries.

Forrester analysis recently depicted how successful companies embraced cloud infrastructure to thrive during the pandemic with three examples:

“The changes brought about by COVID-19 forced companies to prioritize speed and customer experience over cost savings and efficiency. They flocked to public cloud services faster than ever. Etsy spun up new Google Cloud infrastructure to meet a spike in e-commerce; Lowe’s got a curbside pickup app running in three days; Moderna is using AWS to accelerate COVID-19 vaccine research.”

Companies that grew in the cloud to meet consumer demand in 2020

Intricately can see the cloud adoption, usage, and spend data of any specific company or industry. Let’s examine the cloud footprint of the three aforementioned companies who accelerated the adoption of the cloud:


  • HQ: Brooklyn, NY, USA
  • What they do: Online marketplace where people make, sell and buy unique goods
  • Est. monthly cloud spend (total): $10M
  • Est. monthly cloud hosting spend: $3M
  • Cloud hosting provider(s): View 11 in Intricately


  • HQ: Mooresville, NC, USA
  • What they do: Home improvement retail company
  • Est. monthly cloud spend (total): View in Intricately
  • Est. monthly cloud hosting spend: $1M
  • Cloud hosting provider(s): Rackspace, Amazon EC2, and more...


  • HQ: Cambridge, MA, USA
  • What they do: Therapeutics company developing mRNA technology platform
  • Est. monthly cloud spend (total): $58K
  • Est. monthly cloud hosting spend: View in Intricately
  • Cloud hosting provider(s): View 4 in Intricately

As the global economy emerges from the pandemic, it’s clear that remote work and workforce flexibility is not going anywhere. The shift in how we work – coupled with the rise of multi-cloud, more personalized cloud services, and increased adoption across regions and industries – will lead to continued growth in the cloud infrastructure market in 2021 and beyond.

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