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Introducing Intricately's 2021 Cloud Market Sustainability Impact Report

In 2021, companies that sell to cloud buyers across the ecosystem must prioritizing sustainability initiatives as part of their go-to-market strategy. Practically all stakeholders – including shareholders, customers, and partners – have a vested interest in how cloud providers are taking steps to decrease their climate impact, improve efficiency, and support sustainability as a business imperative.

Go-to-market teams are laser-focused on driving revenue and doing what’s best for the bottom line. Yet as the brand awareness and adoption of your cloud product grows, so does the demand for your organization to commit to making an impact. And global consumers today aren’t afraid to hold organizations accountable to their commitments. 

Intricately's cloud footprint data shows that the cloud market is growing rapidly. In the past five years, Intricately data indicates that the growth of applications deployed in the cloud was 360%. This makes the potential impact of sustainable cloud initiatives even more significant. International Data Corp (IDC) predicts that in the next 3 years alone – between 2021 and 2024 – cloud computing could potentially prevent one billion metric tons of CO2 emissions. 

This Sustainability Impact Report will help cloud marketing teams better understand the evolving cloud market and how "to do good while doing well" from a profitability perspective.

Highlights from Intricately's 2021 Cloud Market Sustainability Impact Report

In this new cloud market report, we analyze Intricately data on sustainability in the cloud infrastructure landscape, sharing detailed analysis and identifying specific companies who are aiming to improve their environmental footprint through cloud services.

Here are a few highlights of what you can find in this report.

  • Intricately data shows significant growth of the cloud computing market across all hosting environments. Data centers saw the most significant growth (266%) YoY, but SaaS and cloud implementations lead in overall company count. As implementations of cloud and hybrid infrastructure models continue to grow, the energy efficiency of cloud infrastructure will improve. 

  • Mid-market and enterprise companies have adopted data center products at a growing rate since 2018. Interestingly, that growth has not led to a significant increase in energy consumption, as fast-growing data center providers like Equinix and Digital Realty implement comprehensive sustainability strategies.
  • The three leading cloud hosting providers – Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform – currently control over 60% of the global market and have all made public sustainability commitments, highlighted in this report.
  • Enterprise companies that Intricately shows have a high rate of cloud adoption will experience a massive reduction in the carbon footprint of their infrastructure by continuing their move to the cloud. We highlight a few examples like Panasonic, Accenture and PayPal
  • Cloud sellers who are aiming to help buyers on their path to sustainable operations can find ideal targets in Intricately with whom they can partner with to support sustainability together.

Download Intricately's 2021 Cloud Sustainability Report now

Ready to get up to speed on how sustainability is shaping the cloud infrastructure industry? Download Intricately’s 2021 Cloud Market Sustainability Impact Report.

Download Report

If you’re wondering how you can get a customized report specifically about your company, contact us. We can provide market share analysis for your company, market, or industry. 

Let us help you find the next opportunities for cloud vendors within the cloud hosting market. Contact us to learn more.

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