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How to Segment and Tier Target Accounts for Effective Account-Based Marketing Programs

Account segmentation is the process of differentiating the best fit customers in your Tier 1, 2, and beyond based on the ICPs you've developed. 

It’s the next step after defining your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), and exploring your Total Addressable Market.

When you organize your list of target accounts, it’s essential to segment accounts by key characteristics – potential to convert, highest revenue, engagement, model fit – so that your teams understand which are the highest priority.

Learn with Intricately in our Account-Based Academy

Over the past several weeks, we've launched the first and second modules within our Account-Based Academy, which provides actionable tips for cloud marketers and sales teams. 

Today, we're thrilled to announce the launch of our third collection of content, focused on account segmentation and tiering.

Tiering your list of dream accounts allows you to prioritize your audience based on the campaign you’re running. In this module, we'll cover what account segmenting and tiering actually entails, and how to get started.

Questions we'll answer:

  • What is account segmentation and tiering?
  • What role does segmentation play in ABM?
  • Which types of data drive account segmentation?

The best part? This is just the beginning.

In the coming weeks, we'll be posting new lessons and curated content collections that will help your teams operate more efficiently as a go-to-marketing team.

Click below to start exploring today.

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