5 Cloud Insights Marketers Can Be Thankful For

Shape 2021 strategies and drive EOY deals with unique cloud industry trends.

It’s that time of year: Cloud marketing and sales leaders are busy collaborating on their go-to-market strategies for 2021. This includes crafting their ideal customer profiles, updating their target account lists and total addressable market, as well as forecasting, account segmentation – the list goes on.

Intricately’s cloud product and spend intelligence powers these plans for our customers, enabling marketing and sales teams to find the exact targets with the highest purchasing potential.

See how Snowflake uses Intricately cloud product adoption, usage and spend data data to supercharge their ABM and grow revenue.

In the spirit of the generosity of the season, we wanted to offer up a cheat sheet for your 2021 planning. Here are five of the most powerful data points from Intricately’s cloud market reports that you can use to shape a successful go-to-market strategy.

These insights might even help you find hidden gems that will drive EOY revenue right now. Isn’t that something to be thankful for?

1. Multi-CDN implementations by startups grew 27% YoY

The growth in businesses with less than 50 employees outpaced SMBs, mid-market and enterprise segments by more than five times. While the companies in this segment may be small, the opportunity is huge. Dive deeper into CDN market trends in this report.

2. Many Y Combinator startups don’t yet have a CDN provider

YC companies represent some of the highest potential in the startup landscape. For cloud providers, the YC portfolio represents huge opportunities to partner from an early stage, as data suggests many of these companies will likely become big cloud spenders. Read more in Intricately's Y-combinator report.

cloud computing marketing insights

3. Significant opportunities for cloud sellers exist in the fast-growing gaming vertical

We saw the pandemic’s impact on the global gaming market begin in early 2020 and it hasn’t slowed down. The competition in the market starts to center around the user experience itself: latency, bandwidth, and whether IT infrastructure providers have PoPs to facilitate those experiences. Read more about 2020 gaming vertical trends cloud vendors should know.

4. Only 22% of enterprise applications are equipped to guard against web-based attacks. 

Bigger spend doesn’t mean more secure. Intricately data shows that 78% of enterprise applications remain unprotected - companies with substantial cloud budgets are still deploying unprotected applications. Enterprises are deploying business intelligence (BI) and analytics applications without proper security configurations in place. Get the data in Intricately's 2020 Cloud Security Report.

5. Opportunities continue to grow in LATAM

Intricately has identified significant opportunities within the cloud hosting space outside of North America, including most notably LATAM. Read more about fast-growing regions in Intricately's 2020 Cloud Hosting Report.

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