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Intricately's Exciting New Chapter


In the earliest days of Intricately, we saw the digital universe evolving at hyperspeed, the migration to the Cloud was still nascent, but we viewed that change as persistent, swift, and inevitable. 

We started Intricately to provide decision-makers with actionable data and insights they could use to plot a course through the ever-expanding Cloud universe. At the time, we saw a world with individuals relying on gut instincts, teams making “best guesses”, and organizations making big bets on circumspect data. 

We knew there had to be a better way.

We started this business with the goal of making the unknown known. Our vision was, and has always been, to be the authoritative source of truth for digital product adoption, usage, and spend. 

Today, we turn the page on another exciting chapter in our journey. 

I’m excited to announce that Intricately is joining the team at HG Insights.

Since we first met the team at HG, we could tell immediately that our values, focus on data, passion for our Customers, and long-term vision (more on that soon) were more than just aligned- they were the same.

For our existing Customers, nothing is changing right now. For our future Customers, we’ve got some exciting things in the works, stay tuned. 

For everyone else (supporters of Intricately, our Team, readers of our reports, and anyone else), thank you for the tremendous support over the years. It’s been wonderful. 

We’re very excited about what comes next and hope expect that you’ll be along for the journey with us.   

Thank you,

Michael Pollack, CEO & Fima Leshinsky, CTO, on behalf of the entire team at Intricately

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