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5 Genius Ways You Can Use Our Smart Lists

Data rules our world, and it always has. We use observational data to determine whether it’s safe to drive during a snowstorm. We use word-of-mouth data to decide where to eat on a first date. We even use data to decide which stall to enter in a crowded ballpark bathroom.

With data becoming more readily available than ever before, it’s our privilege and responsibility to apply this intelligence and expand along with it.

In sales and marketing, this means using data to target only the most well-suited prospective accounts to maximize revenue efficiently.

Our free Smart List tool pools Intricately data to provide in-depth insights about companies so you can make the most of your research and reach the audiences that want exactly what you’ve got.

Here are five ways to incorporate the free Smart List tool into your market research.

1. Create lists of accounts based on territories

If you work in Sales or Marketing at a large organization, a crucial part of your job is capturing key accounts that align with the company’s goals.

An excellent way to get started is to target accounts based on company location. The Smart List tool can help you locate ideal accounts, find out where their SaaS centers are located and see the monthly spending of each location. Whether you’re focused on a highly specific product niche or an expansive global territory, the Smart List tool provides indispensable data to give you a clearer picture. Search topics could include

  • Physical data location centers a company uses to deliver their SaaS or Cloud services.
  • Which companies have AWS deployed and where.
  • Notifications when a new company meets the criteria you’ve saved for a specific list.
  • Companies using CRMs based in Colorado
  • Furniture companies in New Jersey using CDNs
  • Companies receiving 10% or more of their traffic from China
  • Traffic growth for a given company by region   

Your entire team can take advantage of Intricately’s Smart Lists to uncover the best revenue opportunities within certain territories.

2. Understand a list of your competitors

The competition is changing exponentially faster, and there’s no sign that it’s slowing down. To keep up, you need to have mastery of not only your own data, but the data of your competitors, too. This is especially true with cloud data.  

Deep competitor insights allow you to adjust your strategies to beat them at their own game. With our free sales tool, you can create a Smart List of your competitors and analyze specific questions like “Which companies spend $20,000/month on credit card processing?” The possibilities are limitless. Search by

  • Company name
  • Website URL
  • Intricately URL
  • LinkedIn company URL
  • Number of LinkedIn followers
  • Industry
  • Number of employees
  • Headquarters location
  • Region
  • Web traffic based on region
  • Total monthly spend on Cloud
  • Total number of cloud providers
  • Primary and secondary cloud hosting providers and spend
  • Primary and secondary security providers and spend
  • CDN providers and spend
  • DNS providers and spend
  • Primary and secondary traffic management providers and spend
  • Video platform providers
  • Performance management providers
  • SaaS technology stack

Having this information about your competitors will help you understand the inner workings of their companies, how they’re building out their global strategies, what technology powers their companies and how fast they’re growing based on their cloud consumption. You can do all of this with the free sales tool.

3. Run your ABM program

Account-based marketing is taking over the marketing arena. Smart Lists allow marketers to dig deeper into the data that comprises prospects, viewing them as accounts rather than personas.

Whether you’re committing to the account-based marketing model or experimenting with account-based marketing for your first pilot, creating your target list of accounts using Intricately’s data helps to ensure you’re targeting real revenue opportunities based on their need and ability to purchase.

Learn more about creating a list of target accounts using Intricately in one of our recent blog posts.

4. Analyze a new market

If you’re launching a new product or expanding into an overseas market in the new year, take a data-driven approach to developing your go-to-market strategy. This requires a deep understanding of both your total addressable market and your total available market.

5. Analyze trends across current customers

Your current customers are a gold mine of data, and while all of that looks valuable from a distance, you need smart tools to discern what’s worth acting on and what’s just fool’s gold.

Analyze trends across your current customers using Smart Lists to

  • Understand the similarities between their technology stacks.
  • Identify the best customers from the inside.
  • Predict customer needs and desires by following their behavior and interaction with your company from content to product.

How will you use our Smart Lists?

The free Smart List tool goes as deep as your curiosity, so what are you waiting for? Ask the questions you simply can’t answer with traditional research methods to predict your best revenue opportunities.

Intricately works around the clock to provide the most in-depth, up-to-date data so you can grow year after year. Let us impress you with our data.

When you have multiple employees using the Smart Lists tool, amazing things can happen. With all that gold you’re mining, you’ll want to make sure everything is accounted for. Sync up your team and talk to us about an exclusive offer for better data organization across your sales and marketing teams.

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