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How To Utilize Intricately’s Smart Lists

Account-based marketing strategies are creating pathways for marketers to drive growth through efficient, personalized engagements. But before teams can efficiently pivot to account-based marketing, they’ll need to lay the foundation for their success. To do that, you’ll need to start by building a quality list of accounts to work with.

Intricately takes the tedium out of list-building, providing a sales tool that will help you get started. Here’s how.

Using Intricately for account-based marketing

Intricately’s free Smart List tool allows you to target accounts based on an array of segments, including industry, product use (technographic data), company location, number of employees, Alexa rank and overall spend.

To do this, users will need to log into their Intricately account interface and click “New Smart List.” From there, users can add an unlimited number of rules to help them narrow their search – allowing you to filter out the noise and focus on companies that meet your strictly defined criteria.

Tap into enterprise features to deepen your search

While Intricately’s free tools provide users with a robust set of options for building their Smart Lists, our enterprise product offers even more features to help you segment the accounts you want to reach based on deeper insights into our proprietary spend and usage intelligence.

Some of the new criteria you’ll be able to access with our enterprise setup include

  • The amount of website traffic an account is getting
  • The city, state and zip code of a vendor
  • Use cases (how they’re actually using the products)
  • Spend growth percentage (how fast they’re growing their cloud footprint)
  • Data center geography (the places from which leads are deploying their technology)
  • Data center spend (how vendors are prioritizing their cloud footprint)

So you’ve built your Smart List – What next?

Once you’ve selected all of the targeting options that match your ideal customer profile, you’ll see the total number of businesses that meet your criteria. At that point, you can save your Smart List. Even better? Once your list has been established, you can opt in to receive email updates whenever a new company is eligible for inclusion on that list, allowing you to stay ahead of the curve in your marketing efforts.

After you’ve saved your Smart List, you can then download a list of the accounts you’ve gathered by clicking “Request Full CSV.” This is an important step to take – not simply for the sake of your own record-keeping, but also because these sheets will provide you with additional, exclusive insights. These include

  • Company name
  • Website URL
  • Intricately URL
  • LinkedIn company URL
  • Number of LinkedIn followers
  • Industry
  • Number of employees
  • Headquarters location
  • Region
  • Web traffic based on region
  • Total monthly spend on cloud
  • Total number of cloud providers
  • Primary & secondary cloud hosting provider & spend
  • Primary & secondary security providers & spend
  • CDN providers & spend
  • DNS providers & spend
  • Primary & secondary traffic management provider & spend
  • Video platform providers
  • Performance management providers
  • SaaS technology stack

Putting insights into practice

Once you’ve established your lists, it’s time to put your insights to use. How you’ll do that depends on what your role and goals are, but in any case, your options are vast.

For sales-focused initiatives

For individual sales team members serving on smaller teams, our Smart Lists can help simplify a variety of important tasks.

For example: A salesperson can use their list to establish sales targets for the new quarter or year or gather deeper insights about their existing accounts – allowing them to segment your efforts based on their proximity to your ideal customer persona. And, whether that salesperson is dealing with a prospective lead or an existing client, they can use what they learn from their Smart List to build relationships based on specific insights.

Bigger teams can benefit from Smart Lists too, especially if they pivot to an account-based marketing philosophy. To do that, we recommend checking our guide on how to come together and build the ultimate list of target accounts.

For marketing-focused initiatives

As marketing technology gets more sophisticated – along with the buyers of said technology – it’s becoming increasingly important to develop marketing assets that are personalized for the people you’re trying to reach.

While personas have traditionally helped marketers to craft content to reach an audience within the general vicinity of their targeting, our Smart Lists offer a more sophisticated and incisive solution because they allow marketers to understand highly specific criteria about their accounts rather than personas, setting the tone for communications that are informed, timely and highly relevant.

Marketers who have made the switch to account-based marketing are already beginning to see the value of this approach, with over 85% of professionals saying that ABM outperforms other marketing investments (ITSMA) – and 60% of surveyed B2B marketers saying they plan to implement an ABM program within the next year.

Smart Lists, particularly if used in tandem with broader ABM strategies, can break down silos – effectively aligning your Sales and Marketing teams. This alignment has proven value, as statistics indicate that B2B organizations with tightly aligned sales and marketing achieved 24% faster three-year revenue growth and 27% faster three-year profit growth.

Don’t wait, create a Smart List today

If you’ve ever used our sales tool to look up an individual account, our Smart Lists offer a valuable step up in utilizing Intricately’s incredible insights to target smarter…and if you have multiple team members using our tools (you’d be shocked at how many companies don’t realize they have dozens of sales and marketing team members already utilizing the tool), why not take the next step? Chat with us about an exclusive offer that’s sure to sync up your team and broaden your bottom line.


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