An Intricately Guide For Sales Reps

Intricately ensures that no sales rep will ever miss another opportunity. You all know the feeling of when you passed on a prospect because you didn’t think it was big enough only to find out it was the opposite. Or even worse, the time that snooty coworker got the big prospect because your account assignment data was bad. By now you’re likely cringing with all the bad memories.

Let’s look at the positive. 

The depth of Intricately’s data provides the clearest picture of a prospect’s potential. You will never miss an opportunity because you’re looking at their cloud footprint. 

You will be able to answer these questions before the first phone call:

1. How much they spend?How many entities are live on the internet?

2. What kind of apps do they run?

3. How much traffic is flowing through that app?

In this guide, we walk you through the steps to see an immediate return on investment and build a winning process.

With Intricately, you will

1. Identify the strongest buying signals and increase your efficiency

2. Increase your contract values by leveraging spend estimates

3. Never miss another opportunity

Let’s dig into it:

Identify the strongest buying signals and increase your efficiency

Whether you have a list of signals already or now, we still want you to try this technique because we promise you will discover new angles to approach a prospect. 

Step 1: Import your leads into the Intricately Enrichment feature

This returns a nicely formatted spreadsheet like in the screenshot below with all of the Intricately data.


Step 2: Sort and filter your columns for spend, total providers, and your category.

This is where you need your thinking cap. I recommend sorting by spend, total providers and your category, which would be the category that your company would be classified under. You can do this with more categories, but these are the easiest and most basic.

All you’re trying to do is find trends. 

Step 3: Compare the trends to your recently closed deals

You’ll need to repeat steps 1 and 2, but you will discover some interesting points. You may find that your recent deals spend more than $100K/month on Hosting, and only 1 of your leads does.

You should be dialing that one lead who’s spending $100K/month right now!

Increase your contract values by leveraging spend estimates

Spend estimates are visible on every company report in the platform and in the Chrome extension. We calculate these by looking at the typical cost of the product, the volume of traffic, and the depth of deployment. (It’s a lot!)

Before we get into it, you must remember - the value isn’t in being exact, it’s in knowing the volume of spend relative to the other prospect or existing customers.

The first thing you need to do is find your spend sweet spot, which is described in the previous section. 

sweet spot

If you see a prospect that spends more than you sweet spot, try pitching a higher contract value. Our customers that have adopted this strategy have increased their ACV by 30%. You can’t find me a VP who would be mad at that.

Never miss another opportunity

Please read the painful opening paragraph and then come back here.

Now that we all have the “nails on a chalkboard” feeling, there is good news. This is all avoidable!

By switching your prospect qualifying strategy to spend, you will never miss an opportunity, and you won’t have to consider removing one leg from your snooty colleague's chair.

Spend is the perfect assessment of the size of a company’s digital footprint. A company’s digital footprint size is directly correlated to the amount of money they should be spending with you. Most of you are using company size and revenue, which has little correlation because it’s never accurate.

Spend numbers are visible on every company report. You can get a more accurate estimate but to be honest - it doesn’t matter! All that matters is how it compares to other prospect’s that you’ve successfully been able to close.

By no you’re sold on spend, so let’s talk about using it to find new opportunities.

Intricately SmartLists is your answer. You can build the query based on the ideal customer profile. For example:

Create a list of companies that spend more than $50K/month on CDN and are based in Canada.A list of companies that use Akamai and are based in the UKA list of companies that use Cloudflare and are based in California

The possibilities are endless.