A Guide To Crushing The Competition

If you sell tech, it’s rare that you’re in a situation when the prospect doesn’t already use your competition. Most teams have a playbook for each competitor but even then, you’ve got to rely on your own knowledge and intuition to get the deal over the line.

Intricately delivers a comprehensive picture of what products and solutions are in place at your prospect and how they’re being used. Our intel will save you hours of research, allow you to avoid those awkward discovery calls, and guide you to a faster closed/won outcome.

Here are 5 ways to use Intricately to CRUSH the competition.

1. Real-time Events

Events are the most powerful way to spot weaknesses in the competition. Create a custom query for any competitor to reveal a list of the most recent deployment changes among their customers.

Translation: Track your competition and get a list of who’s removing them.

Look at Dyn (remember that Internet outage last October…). This would have been the perfect report to run to see who started to drop Dyn after the outage.

See services removed, or recently added, both can be used to your advantage
See services removed, or recently added, both can be used to your advantage.

2. Buyer Intelligence

Contract related events let you see when a company canceled a service or signed with a new provider.

For a contract related event to occur an entire deployment must be removed or added.

We don’t have access to their contracts, but we can see the exact dates that a service is changed.

Vendor Specific

3. Vendor Specific Spend

Vendor Spend is a powerful metric, especially in relation to the Overall spend. If we look at Nike’s CDN solution, we can see they use six vendors with the following spend share:

Vendor Spend

By assessing Vendor Spend, you can uncover potential weaknesses in a service stack. Your prospect is much more likely to test you on smaller deployment then go right for the big contract.

4. Hostname Identification

Intricately hostnames tell you how the competitor’s solution is being utilized. Click on the service provider to see the hostname detail. The detail in the hostname tells us a lot about how they’re using the competitor.

In the same Nike example as above, we see that Nike is using Varnish for niketalk.com, and not nike.com.


You can exploit this information as an entry point for you to sell your services, and grow from there.

5. Notifications (coming soon…)

Intricately notifications are a combination of in-app and email alerts for when a competitor’s deployment is changing. When a competitor is has been added or removed, we’ll send you an email.

You have the ability to customize the types and level of detail within these notifications. The bottom line — timing is everything, and notifications are going to ensure you’re in the right place at the right time, talking to the right prospect(s).