Introducing Selling in the Cloud

      In the very first episode of Selling in the Cloud, Intricately co-hosts Michael Pollack and Sarah Brown kick off the show with a passion for its purpose: to address the challenges cloud marketers and sellers face in the increasingly complex and competitive world of the cloud. 


      Welcome to Selling in the Cloud, a podcast about the business of cloud sales and marketing brought to you by Intricately, the authoritative source product adoption, usage, and spend data for sales and marketing teams.

      Michael Pollack, co-founder and CEO of Intricately, kicked off this week’s episode joined by Sarah E. Brown, Head of Marketing. 

      First, a bit more about Intricately. Intricately specializes in collecting and analyzing data about cloud product adoption, usage, and spend. We map digital infrastructure in the same way that Google Maps maps the physical world or LinkedIn builds a map about businesses by collecting little bits of data from people and where you work.

      What’s the Selling in the Cloud About – and Why Should You Listen? 

      Our focus is understanding what powers the digital economy today, and applications and software we use in our daily lives. We're excited to share this side of the universe with listeners and unpack some of the unique stories and interesting events.

      Selling in the Cloud reflects this focus and we’ve got some exciting guests joining us in upcoming episodes. Guests will range from leaders of cloud products to particular companies that are innovating on this side of the economy to people looking at the broader information economy or economics as a whole.  The conversation will cover the cloud, how it's growing, what's happening, where the opportunities are, and much more.

      What Challenges Do Today's Cloud Sellers and Marketers Face?

      The biggest challenge is the data - or lack thereof - that's available to help inform their sales motions and their activities. If you're a cloud seller, almost every business is at some point on their journey towards digital modernization. 

      At Intricately, our goal is to help customers utilize data to inform those conversations and ensure they're having the right conversations with the right prospects at the right time. That’s easily said but hard to do. 

      So, we think the way cloud sellers should be thinking about this space is where and how can they find the right data, the right elements to inform their go-to-market and accelerate their sales activities, and to get to closed-won faster?

      So stay tuned for more episodes. And if you liked today’s episode, or any future episode, please head on over to iTunes, Spotify or your podcast platform of choice and leave a review. Or, join the conversation on Twitter at #sellinginthecloud

      Until next time!

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