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Website Visitor Tracking Reviews

website visitor tracking reviews

In a brick-and-mortar B2C retail situation, how customers are prioritized is often based on who is most ready to buy your product. 

Of course, you want to make all customers and potential customers feel welcome. You want to generate the right marketing materials for your target demographic so they will feel invited in. You want to check in with the browsers on your floor to gain some insight on why they’re there and what they need. You want to be available to answer questions any would-be buyers might have. But it’s the repeat customers with items in their basket you pay the closest attention to, as they are the ones poised to make a purchase. 

The same is true for B2B organizations who deal largely in online transactions. You have defined an ideal client profile, you have comprehensive lead generation, marketing, and sales tactics in place, as well as a sophisticated funnel system that allows you to sort the casual browsers from the truly interested potential clients. But the leads most likely to convert are again those regular visitors with your product in their cart. 

Here’s how you can make the most of your organization’s web traffic and boost your conversion rates. 

B2B data trends in lead generating from website views

Getting a handle on your organization’s website visitations provides two main benefits:

  1. If you are gathering data on the visitors themselves, you are able to generate leads, as well as define an ideal user profile which will inform more successful marketing and sales efforts in the future.
  2. You are able to better understand why visitors aren’t signing up, when during visitation cart abandonment is happening, and how you can address any pain points that might reveal themselves during this process. 

Many organizations base their lead generation primarily on who is signing up for their whitepaper, demo, and other informational packages. However businesses who use only this to divine their leads are missing out on a huge number of other potential clients who may be interacting with their platforms less directly. Lead sign up forms only account for so much of your business landing leads, and it’s critical to incorporate other data points into your broader strategy. 

Taking this approach is also going to help you understand who isn’t signing up for your services, and why. Typically these analytics are vague, as the priority lies with more overt interactions. So your organization should consider gathering first-party intent data for a better perspective on your website visitors. This will allow you to see who has been looking at your site, and which content they engage with the most. From this, you can infer an angle of approach that will raise their conversion potential.

Understanding your visitors with firmographic data

Unless you only serve clients in the same industry, all with the same business model, same number of employees, and same organizational philosophy, you cannot take a uniform approach to your marketing and sales strategies. Each company in your portfolio, as well as those who have been browsing your websites, will require an outreach that proves how your solution is able to meet their unique needs.

Firmographic data gives you a convenient place to start. Similar to understanding how individuals of demographics respond to varied marketing tactics, the basics of an organization may determine what you want to offer to a new lead, and how you offer it. 

  • An organization’s industry is an initial clue to their use case for your product. Knowing the industry will also allow you to glean the likelihood of a purchase based on the general conditions of that industry. 
  • An organization’s employee size will help you to understand how your product will be scaled once it’s in use. You want to know whether your lead is at the startup level vs. the enterprise level so you can offer them the right version of your solution.
  • An organization’s monthly spend tells you how much the company invests in technology, and may again indicate likelihood of conversion, as well as how big your final deal might be. 

So you can gain some understanding of your lead’s needs through their firmographics. Website views, supplemented with additional data, may then give you deeper insight into what it is they’re looking for in a product, and how urgent their need may be. 

For example, you may notice  that a particular browser from a start-up level organization in the content delivery industry with a $10,000 monthly technology spend is reading and re-reading your “use case for marketers” page, followed by a look at your pricing page. They are clearly actively searching for a new marketing solution, and they like yours enough to want to know whether their company can afford it. 

This gives you all the information you need to begin crafting a personalized sales experience for the browser, and proactively reach out to begin building a long-lasting professional relationship. 

How Intricately can help

Intricately is a comprehensive data solution providing unparalleled market insights for B2B marketers, sales professionals, and c-suite executives. Whether your lead has requested a demo, signed up for your email list, or just keeps poking around in the “about us” section of your website, Intricately’s prospects data will help you find the leads with the highest revenue potential with critical glimpses into company details such as expenditure, yearly growth, and even use cases for your product. 

Sign up for a demo today to see what else Intricately has to offer you.

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