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The Top 4 Cloud Security Trends In 2020

Companies that handle sensitive customer data can’t afford to skimp on cloud security. While small companies often lack the resources to invest in application security, the number of mature organizations putting their customers at risk is alarming. 

78% of enterprise applications are exposed to the threat of cyberattacks today. So what cloud security trends are to blame for the surge in unprotected application usage? 

The 2020 Intricately Cloud Security Report unpacks the most pressing trends surrounding the growth of application security. Our data focuses on two types of cloud security products responsible for protecting applications: DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) and WAF (Web Application Firewall).

Keep reading for a sneak peek into the cloud security trends we cover in the report. And make sure to download the full report for even more insights. 

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The Top 4 Cloud Security Trends in 2020

The proprietary usage data collected by Intricately’s Global Sensor Network indicates the rise of four trends:

  1. Attack surface areas are growing
  2. More sensitive business information lives in the cloud
  3. The barrier to entry for cybercriminals is diminishing
  4. The top tech spenders aren’t prioritizing security 

Let’s dig into these cloud security trends a little deeper.

1. Attack Surface Areas Are Growing

The growth of unprotected applications has far outpaced applications with WAF and DDoS attack protection in place. But how do these rates compare across company size?

Source: 2020 Intricately Cloud Security Report  

As the number of vulnerable applications increases, cybercriminals gain additional entry points to steal private business and customer data.

2. More Sensitive Business information Lives in the Cloud

Cloud growth is not slowing down. The expanding universe of cloud services and products continues to make it easier for businesses of all sizes to create high-performance solutions and easily deploy their digital infrastructure to the cloud. 


Source: 2019 Intricately Data Center Market Report 

Cloud application usage has grown by an average of 41% YoY since 2013. And as more companies move data from on-premises applications to the cloud, risk increases. Cloud

applications are highly susceptible to DDoS attacks, advanced persistent threats (APTs), and other web-based attacks.

3. The Barrier to Entry for Cybercriminals Is Diminishing

Several factors are to blame for the growing simplicity of cyberattacks:

  • Larger attack surface areas
  • Sensitive business information stored in vulnerable applications has risen
  • Low cost of entry
  • Distributed nature of cloud tools
  • High return for attackers

Cloud computing has paved the way to faster, cheaper technology deployments for companies of all sizes — but cybercriminals also benefit. Setting up a virtual machine and launching attacks is simpler and less expensive than ever. Unless organizations take action to secure their cloud resources properly, they leave themselves vulnerable to these attacks.

4. The Top Tech Spenders Aren’t Prioritizing Security 

Companies with substantial cloud budgets are still deploying unprotected applications, putting their customers, partners, and employees at risk. 

As enterprises process and store larger quantities of data, they’re deploying business intelligence (BI) and analytics applications without proper security configurations in place. Prioritizing cost-saving measures over major threats, stakeholders often feel convinced that minimal security is sufficient -- but it’s not.


Source: 2020 Intricately Cloud Security Report

Learn More in our 2020 Cloud Security Report

Cybercriminals are constantly inventing new ways of infiltrating cloud applications, making it a continual challenge for companies to properly secure their cloud resources. 

Intricately helps cloud security companies identify prospects who are using big data and analytics applications and deploying sensitive information — customers in need of security products. 

You won’t want to miss our 2020 Cloud Security Report, brimming with insights gathered from more than 7 million businesses. 

Explore the Top 2020 Cloud Security Trends

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