7 Questions Intricately’s Spend Intelligence Can Answer

We’ve worked with a variety of cloud companies, such as ChinaCache, Google Cloud, IBM, Ericsson, Amazon Web Services and more, to help them answer their biggest questions about revenue opportunities for their sales and marketing teams to target.

Scroll through to see what kinds of questions we can answer and dive deeper into each one to understand how our spend intelligence effectively answers the biggest companies’ biggest questions.


1. Create a list of accounts based on potential usage & need

Over the last few years, we’ve seen a huge shift to account-based marketing within B2B companies selling to mid-market and enterprise accounts. Account-based marketing flips inbound on its head and focuses on converting a list of target accounts through sales and marketing alignment.

Sometimes we hear that teams are intimidated by account-based marketing because they feel they need to invest in a full program with direct mail, a ton of personalization coming from the sales team, and an entire shift in both the sales and marketing team structure.

This can continue leading them down the path of marketing, creating and distributing content to personas and sales targeting accounts.

That’s why we’re a big proponent of an account-based philosophy – where sales and marketing teams come together to develop and distribute content for specific accounts.

Don’t mistake the forest for the trees – creating a list of accounts and building and distributing content to the individuals and companies on the list is one of your greatest opportunities for success.

See how the four different types of data, including our spend intelligence, help you home in on the very best opportunities to create the ultimate list of accounts.

2. Determine which companies are spending on different digital products


Market and prospect smarter by knowing exactly what your potential clients are spending on their current technology stack.

Our global sensor network knows exactly how over five million companies are spending on the cloud because it analyzes the flow of traffic straight from the source.

You can learn more about how our technology works here.

Understanding how much a company is spending on cloud technology allows marketing and sales teams to prospect smarter by immediately understanding the best accounts based on their need, ability to spend and budgets. These teams can approach every piece of content, distribution strategy and conversation better prepared than ever before.

3. See your competitor’s customer renewal dates

Our sensor network sees exactly when a new type of technology is deployed by a company. This means we can anticipate product renewal dates and your sales and marketing teams can sneak in and target and nurture companies to switch from their product to yours.

When you’re tiering a list of accounts, renewal dates can be a great way to prioritize certain accounts, along with other factors such as the size of the opportunity, on-site behavior and performance of offsite research on sites like G2Crowd.

4. Identify your ideal customer profile

Our spend intelligence data gives sales and marketing teams unique insights into their ideal customer profile that allow them to target based on spend and usage of cloud products.

For example, one company came to us thinking their ideal customer profile was enterprises with over 2,000 employees that were beginning to deploy more digital applications and utilize video within their marketing and training, and therefore were consuming more CDN solutions.

When we took a look at the companies who were consuming their product and their direct competitors, we actually found that smaller, more agile mobile studios (games, social media and other applications) had the biggest need and propensity to spend, and they completely shifted their focus to an account-based philosophy.

5. Discover international expansion opportunities

If your company is looking to expand outside of the United States and is trying to analyze market opportunities, our spend intelligence can answer your biggest questions, like

  • How is Latin America consuming cloud technologies? Check out our cloud report.
  • At what rate is the CDN market expanding in Europe?
  • How many US companies have 5% or more of their traffic coming from China?

We work with companies to uncover questions like these, then our experts analyze and interpret our spend intelligence data to produce custom reports and personalized answers to their biggest questions.

6. Get competitive intelligence like never before

Whether you want to know what your competitor’s technology stack looks like, their entire list of customers or a deep dive into a specific competitor’s strategy, our data is here for you.

You can use our free tool to get a high-level view or work with our experts to produce the most comprehensive and thorough competitive intelligence reports you’ve ever seen.

7. Prioritize with lead qualification

Whether you’re taking an inbound or ABM approach to your marketing, once you have leads in the funnel, it’s important to know which of them your sales team should put that extra effort into.

With Intricately, teams can prioritize accounts based on competitor contract renewal dates and gauge their fit based on current spend and usage rates on the cloud.

See what Intricately’s data can do for you

Our global sensor network, proprietary extraction and expert individual analysis give your sales and marketing teams the ability to think differently about your biggest revenue-driving questions.

Learn more about how our system works and see what kinds of questions we can answer for you.