Rubrik: The Rising Star In Cloud Data Management And Business Protection

Since Rubrik opened its doors in 2014 in Palo Alto, California, the company has become the fastest-growing market leader in cloud data management, with a focus on supporting hybrid cloud enterprises in all current and future infrastructures. Databases can be kept securely in the cloud with easy access to create reports and on-demand sector analytics.

Rubrik also provides archival capabilities as well as backup and disaster recovery, including a clean recovery from ransom attacks and the ability to develop and test applications, all on one platform. Rubrik solutions cover branch locations as well as remote workstations and grant access to clouds from worldwide locations.

Rubrik supports all current-day cloud platforms such as Oracle Database and Solaris, Unix, AIX, Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL as well as virtual clouds VMware Server, Nutanix, NoSQL, MongoDB and more. Other cloud services that Rubrik works well with are Amazon’s AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and the Microsoft Office 365 suite of cloud business services in Software as a Service (SaaS).

How Rubrik Works

Rubrik, in functional form, is based on application programming interfaces (APIs) that allow all applications and software programs to communicate with each other. Management complexity is eliminated by using service level agreements (SLAs) through a single policy engine, reflected across all user hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

One example of SLA application is that users with specific security access levels can access only those programs and databases with the right coded profile interface. Another example is setting aside a section for external third-party vendors and client access where information that can be shared moves back and forth in databases, allowing for updates in meeting schedules as well as delivery schedules and more. Safeguarding internal data from outside attacks is essential throughout these functions and processes.

Multiple database systems can be kept on the cloud, making it easy to access them in a centralized area as well as pull information from several databases simultaneously. This allows for fast response in obtaining reports needed for decision-making processes.

Cloud and On-Premise Services

Rubrik works natively in cloud services such as AWS and Azure, two of the better-known clouds on the market today, thus avoiding the use of any on-premises physical hardware; however, it specializes in helping businesses with multi-cloud and on-premise deployments. The more sophisticated the deployment, the more likely it is to succeed with Rubrik.


In the chart above, we look at the sizes of companies that deploy both on-premise and one of the three primary cloud-hosting providers (Azure, AWS, Google). Start-ups have the highest ranking for this sector, which isn’t a surprise given that they make up the largest segment around the globe. The upside for Rubrik is in the mid-market and enterprise segments. While smaller than start-ups, these represent a significant revenue opportunity for Rubrik.

These numbers will change over the next few years with further advances in cloud operation offerings, including easier application (app) integrations and easier and faster transitions to cloud platforms, especially when financial savings become more evident to users.

Rubrik’s Target Audience by Global Region

With Rubrik’s specialties in “policy, security, automation, access control, compliance, and search,” it’s in a unique position. As companies scale, their infrastructure becomes harder to organize. As you can see from the data, Rubrik can capitalize on this growth all over the world.

Global Cloud Industry

Rubrik’s Market Position in the Global Cloud Industry

Rubrik’s goal is to become the data management platform vendor of choice for governments and large enterprises worldwide, according to Rubrik’s CEO and Co-Founder Bipul Sinha in an interview with CRN in January 2019. We analyze the total companies with cloud spend within Rubrik’s industries of focus.


Business Cloud Spending

Business Cloud Spending

One of the more unique data points that Intricately provides is estimated cloud spend. We’re able to determine how much a company is spending on specific cloud products, such as AWS EC2, or within categories, such as cloud hosting. This is very relevant to Rubrik because the higher the spend, the more likely the company will need Rubrik’s services. In this chart, we utilize tiers to make the spend easier to track. Keep in mind that any company with $20,000/mo or higher is spending more than $1 million/year on cloud infrastructure. 


Rubrik’s Growth and Future Plans

Rubrik’s Growth and Future Plans

Rubrik, which was valued at $1.3 billion just two years ago, raised $261 million, tripling its full valuation to $3.3 billion, according to a recent Forbes article. After looking at its market potential using Intricately’s database, it’s no surprise to see such a large valuation. Rubrik’s growth opportunity seems endless, assuming it has the right intelligence to drive the business.

Rubrik’s goal of obtaining more clients in government and large enterprises is a shrewd one. The company’s greatest selling point is its ability to recover quickly from external attacks, a big concern for government agencies.

Continued partnerships with cloud services are essential, such as the recent rollout of the Rubrik Authorized Support Partner (RASP), which provides technical support training to value-add resellers (VARs) to assist cloud service clients.

Who Is Intricately?

Intricately is based in San Francisco, California. Our focus is on building a comprehensive map of the adoption and usage of the digital infrastructure that increasingly powers the global economy.

The leading vendors in cloud rely on our platform to give their sales and marketing teams an unfair advantage in finding and acquiring new customers, getting proactive notification of sales cycles, spotting churn before it happens and much more.

How Do Customers Use Intricately?

The Intricately data platform powers the go-to-market strategy for many of our leading cloud service providers. These organizations rely on Intricately to forecast market potential, plan and prioritize territories and quotas and engage prospects at the right time with the right message.

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Intricately’s Data

We’ve spent the past five years building and refining our Global Sensor Network, which collects data about digital product usage, applications and traffic. This has provided us with detailed insight into more than 7 million businesses worldwide, along with usage characteristics for 21,000 and growing cloud products.

We are collecting this data from the public internet. We are not in-line (from a traffic perspective), nor do our customers provide us with any usage data. This means we can monitor publicly accessible products and infrastructure. Increasingly, many on-prem and behind-firewall products now have a public component to their product, which our sensors can monitor.

Using its proprietary Global Sensor Network, deployed in more than 150 points of presence (PoPs), Intricately has a comprehensive view of how organizations deploy, utilize and invest in their digital products and applications (click here to see a list of products we monitor).

We hope you enjoyed reading this report. Our Enterprise Platform helps leaders across cloud marketing and sales organizations forecast, prioritize and close opportunities faster! Let our team give you a demo of our product today! In the meantime, you can see some of our data using our free web app.

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