New Report: The State of The Edge Computing Market in 2021

The rise of Internet of Things (IoT)-connected hardware devices and the sudden shift to remote work have pushed the landscape of cloud computing to a new edge. 

Individual consumers and organizations alike require higher-quality computing power accessible from anywhere. With today's workforce more geographically dispersed with the rise of remote work, business computing needs are no longer centralized to metropolitan areas. To meet these demands, cloud computing companies have invested in edge computing offerings.

Edge computing is defined primarily by the decentralization of computing infrastructure from data centers to dispersed locations. Edge computing servers are located as close as possible to the devices they're powering and the end-users of those devices.

The key benefits of this decentralization include:

  • Faster deliverability
  • Reduced latency
  • Broader accessibility

In our latest cloud market report, Intricately digs deeper into the cloud computing trends that have signaled a move to edge computing, and identifies which companies and industries are leading the edge.

Introducing Intricately’s Report on The State of the Edge Computing Market in 2021 

As the authoritative source of cloud product adoption, usage, and spend insights, Intricately has identified various cloud market spend and adoption trends that signal the growth and demand of this shift toward edge computing.

Edge Computing Report

Within this report, you’ll find analysis of:

  • The rising deployment of Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) across various company sizes and geographies 
  • The increasing deployment of hybrid application hosting environments 
  • The public points-of-presence count among leading companies who have deployed edge computing

We also profile companies with high spend and usage of edge computing services, examine a sample of industries where edge demand is growing, and share perspectives from Intricately customers leading the edge.

Download the report today and secure your position as an early provider in the edge computing landscape.

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