New Infographic: 10 Global Brands with Major Growth in Cloud Spend

According to industry analysts, global spend on public cloud services is expected to exceed $480 billion in 2022 – and by 2026, will account for more than 45% of enterprise IT budget. 

This growth, driven by trends such as cloud ubiquity and sustainability, has forced today’s biggest brand names to increase their cloud investment in order to drive better business outcomes and remain competitive.

Intricately is actively monitoring the cloud product adoption, usage, and spend of over 7 million companies. Utilizing our own data, we’re able to easily pinpoint those with the highest growth in cloud spend over the past five years.

In our new infographic, we leverage this cloud footprint data to analyze the cloud spend growth of 10 major global brands – including Salesforce, Visa, PayPal, and more.

Download the new infographic, 10 Global Brands with Major Growth in Cloud Spend, to see what we found.

10 major brands cloud spend

View infographic

*Intricately uses first-party data collected from applications, infrastructure, and traffic to estimate how much money a business spends on cloud and data center services. Use our spend estimates as a directional guide for cloud and infrastructure adoption. For large businesses, our spend estimates are likely to be smaller than actual spends.

If your team is ready to start prioritizing prospects based on cloud adoption usage and spend data, contact us!

We’d be happy to share how leading cloud providers like AWS, Snowflake, Google Cloud, Verizon Fastly and more leverage Intricately data to solve their lead prioritization problems. Reach out to our team today.

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