Streamline Your Prospecting With The Intricately Salesforce Viewer

This week, we announced the availability of the Intricately Salesforce Viewer feature to all Intricately users. The Intricately Salesforce Viewer displays Salesforce record details on Intricately Reports across, our Chrome Extension, and Smart Lists — allowing you to quickly view and access Salesforce records directly from within Intricately. 


In this post, learn more about the Intricately Salesforce Viewer, and why it’s so powerful for your prospecting.

When you or your reps are prospecting, context switching between tools to get the data you need is inefficient. That’s why we’ve built the Intricately Salesforce Viewer to give you insights into the Salesforce records associated with a company, right in Intricately.

Get the data you need, where you need it

Why is this so powerful? For example, let’s say you're looking at a Salesforce record for Nike. Intricately Viewer will let you know of the other Salesforce records associated with that Nike record that you may not be aware of. You may not have known, while looking at, that your team in EMEA or APJ is currently also talking to Nike Australia or Nike London. 

For any company, Intricately’s platform is able to identify all of the domains operated by the company. Intricately uses all of those domains to help you understand the totality of the company's representation inside of Salesforce. So in the case of Nike, Intricately can see the breadth of domains Nike has purchased and is operating, providing a holistic company view that lets you sell smarter, and more effectively to their organization.

With the Intricately Salesforce Viewer, get a unified, universal view into a business - a highly efficient, useful view that Salesforce’s platform alone doesn’t provide. 

Get insights into duplicate Salesforce records to streamline your prospecting

Data hygiene is a big issue in Salesforce, as many companies struggle with duplication of records. The Salesforce Viewer gives you insights into disparate records you weren't aware of that are tied to that company entity. 

Let’s say you found multiple records for an account like Nike. You could then reach out to the colleague you weren't aware is also engaged in the account. This opens up a whole new level of collaboration and opportunity to ultimately piece together the best strategy for how to move that account forward. You could delete duplicate records that are no longer valid but are present in your Salesforce instance--and get access to all of this right alongside your Intricately data, instantaneously.

Ready to get started? ​To connect to your Salesforce instance, click the Connect to Salesforce button in the blue banner when you visit Intricately. 

Join us for a webinar this Thursday, July 23rd at 10am PT to learn more about how to use the Intricately Salesforce Viewer to improve your prospecting.

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