Introducing Intricately's 2022 Multi-Cloud Infrastructure Adoption Report

In today’s cloud market, it’s becoming increasingly common for companies to diversify their cloud computing use across multiple providers and products. Intricately data indicates that multi-cloud strategies have grown across all organization sizes since 2016.

In fact, 92% of organizations already have a multi-cloud strategy in place or underway.

Intricately's 2022 Multi-Cloud Infrastructure Adoption Report highlights the growth of multi-cloud across the cloud infrastructure market, describing what’s driving that growth, and explaining the significant opportunity areas available for cloud sellers.

Key takeaways from the 2022 Multi-Cloud Infrastructure Adoption Report

This new report identifies the growth rates of multi-cloud among various business sizes and showcases how trends like containerization are driving multi-cloud adoption. Additionally, it offers a look at selected top prospects for cloud sellers looking to capitalize on the growth of multi-cloud, using the power of the Intricately platform. Here are some of the report’s key takeaways:

1. Multi-cloud is growing across all company sizes, but enterprise businesses have the strongest trend toward multi-cloud strategies.

Multi-cloud adoption rates are growing among startups, SMBs, and mid-market companies, but enterprises are embracing these strategies the most. The multi-cloud report shows adoption rates across company sizes broken down by cloud hosting and CDN, as well as a deeper dive into the enterprise group (1000+ employees) specifically.

2. The trend toward multi-cloud offers benefits to both buyers and sellers.

What are the benefits of multi-cloud for the buyer? It helps them avoid vendor lock-in, align workloads with the cloud service best fit for that use case, utilize pay-as-you-go or usage-based pricing models, have better redundancy and disaster recovery, and more.

For the seller, benefits include an increased customer base, better opportunity to “get in the door” and upsell, and the ability to grow market share by complementing competitors through a multi-cloud approach. The multi-cloud report also offers sellers guidance on embracing multi-cloud in messaging to increase sales.

3. Multi-cloud opportunities for sellers exist across industries and global regions.

The report names 10 multi-cloud prospects with high monthly cloud spend and even higher potential spend, all of which providers can pursue right now. From San Francisco to Kuala Lumpur to Geneva, multi-cloud adoption rates are increasing among businesses of all sizes and just waiting to be capitalized on.

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Intricately’s 2022 Multi-Cloud Infrastructure Adoption Report offers an unparalleled view into the cloud product adoption, usage, and spend of more than 7 million companies.

Download today for insights into how cloud buyers are utilizing multi-cloud strategies and how that is predicted to grow in the future.

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