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Introducing Intricately's 2021 Global Market Report: Regional Cloud Revenue Opportunities

Intricately exists to help cloud go-to-market teams gain a deeper understanding of the global cloud market – its current state, where it's headed, and where you can find the best opportunities to convert leads into revenue-generating customers for your business.

By providing sales and marketing teams with the data-enabled ability to predict a global prospect’s spend potential, they can engage and convert sales targets into legitimate streams of revenue.

Key takeaways from Intricately’s 2021 Global Market Report: Regional Opportunities in Cloud Computing

If a combined $80 billion of available market opportunity in the EMEA, APAC, and LATAM regions interests you, our team of data experts can help you capture that global revenue. Intricately’s 2021 Global Market Report: Regional Opportunities in Cloud Computing offers insights into:

  • The growth of the global cloud market in EMEA, LATAM, and APAC
  • The regional distribution of wallet share among top cloud providers
  • The top prospects for cloud infrastructure providers in each region

Below are three key takeaways from the report. Download the full report for our complete market analysis.

1. When it comes to regional cloud markets, fragmentation is the rule; with most wallet share in the hands of downmarket providers.

While cloud adoption is growing in all three regions, the share of wallet among cloud providers is deeply fragmented. The level of market share for smaller providers ranges from 52% to 66% in the three regions. The total available market opportunity "up for grabs" is more than $80 billion.

2. The EMEA cloud market is highly fragmented, offering massive revenue opportunities.

Intricately tracks more than $70 billion of cloud infrastructure spend in EMEA. While Amazon Web Services (AWS) has about a quarter of this regional market’s wallet share, 60% of EMEA’s market demand is being served by smaller providers outside the top three – signifying that the total market opportunity identified by Intricately in EMEA is over $42 billion. 

3. LATAM is the most fragmented regional cloud market of all.

There’s plenty of room for cloud sellers to increase revenue in LATAM, since two-thirds of the wallet share (66%) is fragmented among downmarket providers. The top provider, AWS, has just 15% of total market share, while top local provider Locaweb has only 6%. The total LATAM market opportunity identified by Intricately is over $12 billion.

Download Intricately's 2021 Global Market Report: Regional Cloud Revenue Opportunities today

Intricately’s 2021 Regional Cloud Revenue Opportunities Report offers an unparalleled view into the cloud product adoption, usage, and spend of more than 7 million companies around the world.

Download today for insights into how cloud providers can identify their best opportunities.

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Intricately knows who your best cloud infrastructure customers are — do you?

Intricately’s Global Sensor Network actively monitors the adoption, usage and spend data of over 23,000 unique cloud products at over 7 million companies. Contact our team of experts to learn how we can help you drive more revenue by focusing on the right prospects.

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