Introducing Intricately's 2021 Cloud Verticals to Watch: Publishing, Marketing and Advertising, and Media

The deployment of cloud infrastructure is growing across a wide range of industries. Using Intricately’s unparalleled view into the cloud, we were able to pinpoint three verticals to watch – publishing, marketing and advertising, and broadcast media – with significant cloud spend rates and growing cloud spend in 2022.

Intricately's Intricately's 2021 Cloud Verticals to Watch: Publishing, Marketing and Advertising, and Media highlights the growth of cloud infrastructure across these three verticals, describes what’s driving that growth, and explains the significant opportunity areas available for cloud sellers.

Key takeaways from the 2021 Publishing, Marketing and Advertising, and Media Report

The report identifies three industries with fast-growing cloud spend and showcases how specific trends are driving the growth in adoption and usage. Additionally, it offers a look at selected top prospects for cloud sellers looking to capitalize on the growth of these verticals using the power of the Intricately platform. Here are some of the report’s key takeaways:

1. There is approximately $37B in public cloud infrastructure spend among these three verticals.

Intricately data shows more than $37B in public cloud infrastructure spend across the media and publishing, marketing and advertising, and broadcast media industries. However, the amount of spend up for grabs is likely even higher, as some of these buyers have private cloud infrastructure as well.

Estimated Annual Cloud Spend from Intricately

2. Across these industries, data trends and changing consumer demands are driving growth.

The importance of data accessibility, security, and privacy is a key driver of cloud spend in all three of these verticals. Most companies operating in marketing, media, and publishing have vast amounts of collected consumer data that they need to securely store, analyze, and access from anywhere.

Additionally, the move toward mobile and increased streaming is leading consumers to demand more from companies in these verticals: better audio and video quality, faster speeds, improved functionality, and more. Much of this demand depends on a solid cloud foundation.

3. Opportunities for cloud sellers exist globally across all three verticals.

The report names nine prospects in these markets with significant monthly cloud spend and even higher potential cloud spend ($500K+), all of which cloud providers can pursue right now. From Salzburg to Tokyo to Sacramento, cloud adoption and usage rates are increasing among businesses of all sizes in these verticals – and the opportunities are just waiting to be capitalized on.

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This vertical report offers an unparalleled view into the cloud product adoption, usage, and spend of companies across three high growth cloud verticals.

Download today for insights into how cloud buyers in these verticals are spending and growth trends we predict for the future.

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