High-Tech Publications CEOs, CMOs And CROs Should Start Reading Today

Are you always on the lookout for top tech publications that actually help you move the needle?

As a CEO, CMO, CTO or whatever kind of c-suite role you have, your job is to think big-picture while ensuring your team has the resources and knowledge to execute today.

That’s no easy job.

All the noise out there in terms of who and what you should be reading makes it that much more difficult to find valuable information that helps you better execute your job.

That’s why we’ve asked around and gathered the top high-tech publications CEOs, CMOs, CROs and CTOs should be reading. We’ve listed them below, sorted by role.

High-tech publications for CEOs

As leaders of companies, CEOs are tasked with ever-changing goals based on the stage of their growing businesses. Satya Nadella doesn’t have the same day-to-day and long-term responsibilities as the CEO of a startup or a Series B company.

And yet, every CEO has the same high-level, mission-oriented tasks and goals that shape the company’s trajectory, culture and brand. The high-tech CEO-level publications we’ve put together highlight the various topics and ideas these leaders need to succeed.

Bloomberg Business

While you may not think of Bloomberg as a high-tech publication, they offer deep insights about both business and technology, including a section dedicated to – dare I say it – cryptocurrency. Great for both watching the markets and learning a thing or two about their future, Bloomberg Business is a great publication for CEOs at any level.

Harvard Business Review

A recent article titled “How Big a Problem Is It That a Few Shareholders Own Stock in So Many Competing Companies?” shows how HBR is tackling some of the biggest questions on CEOs’ minds – especially those leading venture-backed organizations. Not only does it offer a digital publication, it also hosts podcasts and webinars that dive deeper into technology and women at work, including its After Hours podcast, which features Harvard professors discussing the latest news.

Wall Street Journal

As a CEO,your role isn’t just to know your business, but global business trends and future technological/political/economic trends that could impact today and tomorrow. This classic publication has evolved with the digital age to become a leading resource for CEOs.


If you’re a CEO of a business selling consumer technology or selling to customers who are, CNET is a must-read publication for you. While their main niche is reviewing consumer technology, from laptops to web hosting, they’ve expanded into how-tos and other actionable articles and videos.


Every CEO is an entrepreneur at heart, and this publication definitely knows that. It offers not only global insights, but also those feel-good success stories that can keep CEOs motivated on their most stressful days.

While there a ton of other top tech publications for CEOs, these are the top publications the CEOs we know keep going back to time and time again.

High-tech publications for CMOs

Why would anyone want to be CMO?

That’s the title of a piece that details the scary statistics around being a CMO. It’s a tougher job than ever before, with more tools and trends vying for your attention. That’s why CMOs need to balance high-level future pieces about AI, chatbots and consumer sentiment with actionable pieces that help their teams move the needle forward. Here are our top publications for CMOs that won’t leave you feeling like you just wasted seven minutes reading more fluffy garbage.


Adobe is one of the first companies to nail positioning their company not as a business but as a media conglomerate. Aptly named, CMO.com isn’t fluff. It showcases some of the best pieces that not only talk trends and insights but feature guest opinions and interviews with other high-level executives.


While its homepage gives us migraines, the content of TechCrunch is still highly valuable if you read beyond the acquisition and funding pieces. Its writers understand technology and offer insights only they would know, which brings immense value to both tech CMOs and those in charge of digital transformation at their organization.


From explaining what exactly a Customer Data Platform is to featuring white papers and webinars that focus on the future, CMSWire is a great publication for CMOs at startups and larger organizations alike.


We really are living in the advertising age, and every CMO knows it’s transforming faster than we could have anticipated. AdAge offers a digital publication, a datacenter and, of course, its awards.


MarketingLand is a top CMO publication that focuses on everything digital, including SEO, SEM, mobile, analytics, display and so much more. It’ll help every CMO get more out of platforms like Google Analytics and Adwords with comprehensive guides while gathering statistics to provide larger lay-of-the-land pieces.

High-tech publications for CROs

One of the newer positions in the c-suite, the CRO’s role is to focus on marketing, sales and customer success to holistically increase revenue opportunities both today and tomorrow. So what are the top high-tech publications for CROs that will help them get the job done?

Sales Hacker

Recently acquired by Outreach, Sales Hacker has perfected the company-posing-as-a-media-publication role and continues to deliver top-quality sales content for leaders and individual sales team members.

LinkedIn Sales Solutions

Every CRO needs to know how to use LinkedIn – but that’s not all the LinkedIn Sales Solutions blog covers. Whether you’re looking to dive into social selling or want your team to learn more about technical execution on Sales Navigator, you have to check it out.

Salesforce Blog

Chances are, you’re using Salesforce. Even if you’re not, the Salesforce blog will help you keep up to date on not only the biggest sales CRM but technology and sales in general.

Fast Company

As a CRO, your job is to...well, build a company...fast. So whether you’re looking for a piece on how to improve your culture or want to feel inspired by someone who is already successful, Fast Company is the publication for you.


Inc. magazine is focused on helping small businesses succeed. Yes, at early stages, even a technology startup is considered a small business. So, if you’re in the early stages and wear dozens of different hats, Inc. is a great high-tech publication for you.

Don’t read too many high-tech pubs

While we created this list of high-tech publications for CEOs, CMOs and CROs, we don’t want you to get caught up in reading and not executing. Schedule some time throughout your week to check into these publications and create a Slack channel with your sales and marketing teams where everyone can share their favorite content from the week.