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Introducing The AWS Ecosystem In 2022 Report

HG Insights + Intricately Present: The AWS Ecosystem Report in 2022

In today’s cloud market, we have the opposite of an “underdog” story. In fact, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is as “Goliath” as they come. With the largest customer base of any cloud provider, there are endless insights to be gained from understanding who buys AWS, how they use it, and how much they’re spending.

Intricately, an HG Insights company, is excited to share the first-ever AWS Ecosystem Report. During a period of intense competition and robust growth for the industry, this report highlights Intricately data on the AWS buyer landscape in 2022, trends shaping the AWS market, and opportunities for ecosystem companies to capitalize on the AWS customer base.

Key Takeaways from the 2022 AWS Ecosystem Report

The report offers a deep dive into the AWS buyer landscape—where it stands now, trends shaping the future, and how companies can capture business from this wide customer pool. Here are some of the report’s key takeaways:

1. AWS has customers spread across regions and company sizes, with an especially strong presence with startups.

This report covers the landscape of AWS buyers in-depth: 

  • Customers in each AWS spend tier
  • Customers located in each global region
  • Customer growth by company size since 2020
  • Customers by spend tier in five top industries

One key takeaway is that AWS has a hold on startups and newer companies. This is consistent with AWS’ own public statements on their strategies of “getting in early” with new companies in order to grow with them as their usage needs increase.

2. Trends shaping the AWS market include multi-cloud, digital transformation, and machine learning.

In the report, Intricately analysts highlight a variety of trends driving the growth of AWS among new and existing customers.

Unsurprisingly, an increase in multi-cloud deployments leads to higher overall cloud spend. This is happening across the industry, but multi-cloud, surprisingly, strategies are shown to be not as common among AWS users (15%).

The report also dives into where AWS customers fall on the digital transformation spectrum. Among AWS buyers, the smaller the company, the more likely they are to be spending mostly on cloud services vs. data center solutions.

Finally, we cover AWS’ focus on machine learning and serverless services, which they’ve prioritized in their post-pandemic growth strategies.

3. There are major opportunities for cloud providers to capture spend from AWS buyers.

Intricately has identified over 1.45 million businesses buying from AWS. In the report, we cover how companies in the AWS “ecosystem”—those who offer value-add services to companies with an existing AWS deployment such as security, cost monitoring, and more—can capitalize on these buyers. 

We even highlight a few notable players in the AWS ecosystem:

Download Intricately's 2022 AWS Ecosystem Report

Intricately's 2022 AWS Ecosystem Report offers an unparalleled view into the adoption, usage, and spend of AWS buyers and market trends driving the ecosystem going forward.

Download today for insights into opportunities for providers and to learn where the AWS market may be heading in 2022.

Download the Report


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