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Enrichment Routing Numbers - How to Use Them

data enrichment routing numbers

In all B2B sales and marketing interactions, your teams want to know exactly who they’re dealing with at every turn. Communications between organizations are still managed by human individuals, and understanding who you’re speaking to and what is their role and motivation within the context of their position can provide you with the key you need to start a successful business relationship between your two companies. 

And detailed, in-depth, and relevant information is just a few clicks away thanks to modern connectivity and the wonders of data enrichment. 

What is enriched data

Enriched data is extrapolated information that serves to supplement info of which we may already be in possession. Put a little more simply, data enrichment is an expanded and augmented perspective on something or someone we already know. 

For example, many data enrichment programs can create a detailed professional profile based only on the input of an email address, company name, or title. A system references this piece of information against accessible databases and populates the resulting document with details such as an individual’s position and privileges, or an organization’s size and yearly revenue. 

Data enrichment strategies save sales and marketing teams time and money by filling in the blanks so we may have a more complete picture of the organization, departments, or representatives we are dealing with, without the need to perform manual research. 

Another critical benefit which data enrichment provides is better information with which to route promising leads for sales and marketing purposes. This is where enriched routing numbers come into play. 

Lead routing is the practice of getting a prospect to the right team or representative from your company for more effective nurturance and communication. In order to do this, we need enriched data that provides us with detailed company and rep information so we can better craft personalized and relevant sales and marketing materials. This information is most typically represented by an organization’s firmographic and technographic data by which we can rank incoming prospects to support easy and even automated lead routing strategies – these are ultimately what we define as enriched routing numbers. 

How to use enrichment to optimize lead generation

Enriched data and routing numbers provide a critical competitive advantage for modern B2B organizations. Here are some of the applications for these two important concepts that will help you to form better relationships with your client organizations. 

Optimize lead form information with minimizing ask

When interested clients fill out a request for your white paper or demo session, they shouldn’t feel like they’re filling out an application for summer camp. Many organizations create long and in-depth lead forms in an effort to gain as much insight as possible into their new prospect. But employing a data enrichment program will allow you to gain all the information you need without asking your lead to list everything out, themself. 

With data enrichment, all you need on your request form is a space for an email address. Additional information, including both professional and firmographic details, may then be automatically filled for easy access and use by your sales and marketing teams. 

Automated routing to proper sales rep

The purpose of enriched routing numbers is to make it possible for leads to be automatically directed to the appropriate professional on your sales team. Reading an organization’s firmographic details, an auto-route system will send contact information and company details to the representative best suited to handle this type of business – firms with fewer employees might be sent to your team member specializing in startups and small businesses, etc. 

Previously, sales teams had to scan and sort incoming leads by hand. Employing an automated system supported by enriched routing numbers allows you to speed up this process and give your reps more time to spend on sales. 

Lead scoring for priority levels

Get your most promising leads to the front of the line fast with an easy ranking system factored into your routing strategy. The same system you use to direct new prospects can also be employed to score lead accounts based on their buying and conversion potential. 

The lead qualification process allows you to identify these high-potential prospects and prioritize their nurturance. Enriched firmographic and technographic data allows you to measure a new lead against your existing ideal client profile, quickly demonstrating whether a candidate is a good fit, and how interested they are likely to be in your product.

Develop ideal customer trends and personas

Understanding the firmographic and technographic trends of the accounts in your organization’s greater sales portfolio allows you to create an ideal persona to look for when searching for new leads. And enriched data may add enormous depth and intricacy to this comprehension. 

Your team can develop multiple ideal client profiles at different product levels, gain insight into seasonal buying trends, and proactively design campaigns and content to speak to the needs of each of these personas. Consistent collection of these kinds of data also allows your persona to be flexible and proofed for future developments. 

Increase conversion rate with customized emails

Knowing your buyer – both their persona as well as their unique firmographic, technographic, and demographic information – allows you to design and distribute personalized email and voice communications that speaks to the precise use case they may have for your product. 

This also allows you to offer the lead in question the right product level for their business needs, and identify the correct reps and decision makers to whom you should deliver your pitch. Precise messaging and personal communication helps clients to feel cared for, and will support a higher rate of conversion for your company. 

How enriched data from Intricately can help convert leads

Intricately offers unparalleled data insights into B2B prospects for your sales and marketing teams. Enriched routing numbers gleaned through Intricately’s spend intelligence and cloud product adoption enable organizations a better perspective on client personas, and enhanced ranking abilities so you can spend more time nurturing your high-potential leads. 

Sign up for a demo today to see what else Intricately can offer your company.

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