Domo Spotlight: From Unicorn Investment To Growing Enterprise

Data can help leadership make informed decisions to grow their businesses. However, without the right platform, leaders may miss out on key details critical to their decision-making.

As companies grow, leadership can become disconnected from what takes place in the front lines of their business. It becomes more difficult for them to get a realistic overall view of what is happening in each aspect of their business.

However, Domo offers a platform to make data access easier for companies and their leaders.

Domo, Inc. harnesses the power of data to give leaders insight into their entire company. This Software-as-a-Service, cloud-based platform digitally connects businesses to provide them with real-time data and insights into their company. 

CEOs can connect with employees on the floor to get a better understanding of what their business looks like to a customer. They also can conduct business from their phones and get a useful look at their data from anywhere.

In addition to creating more connected leadership, Domo also offers Programmatic Revenue Solution. This prepackaged solution brings together complex data from ad servers and sell-side platforms to automate reporting and display potential opportunities.

Its ability to provide connection makes Domo the forefront of the digital transformation for some of the largest corporations in the world. 

Domo is the brainchild of Josh James. Josh previously garnered attention as the founder of software company Omniture, which Adobe bought for $1.8 billion in 2009. James went on to start Shacho, Inc. the next year. After Shacho purchased Corda Technologies, James changed its name to Domo.

In the words of Josh James, "What we see, and have always believed in, is that the more data, people, and systems you bring together, the more value you can create for your business."

Clearly, investors agree with him.

After 11 rounds of financing, Domo raised an impressive $689.7 million in funding, according to Crunchbase. Domo gained the coveted "unicorn" status in 2015 and passed $1 billion valuation while it was still privately held. It went public in 2018.

However, can Domo keep up its impressive momentum? Intricately analyzed Domo to see whether its potential for growth measures up and where it might want to grow in the future.

Who Is Intricately?

Based in San Francisco, California, Intricately helps the leading vendors in cloud gain an unfair advantage. We focus on building a comprehensive map of adoption and usage of the digital infrastructure that increasingly powers the global economy. Cloud vendors can find and acquire new customers, get proactive notification of sales cycles, spot churn before it happens and more using Intricately's unique tools.

Our customers use the Intricately data platform to power their go-to-market strategy. These leading cloud service providers rely on Intricately to forecast market potential, plan and prioritize territories and quotas and engage prospects at the right time with the right message. 

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How We Get Our Information

We here at Intricately have spent the past five years building and refining our global sensor network. Our network collects data about digital product usage, applications and traffic. This data provides us with detailed insight into more than 7 million businesses worldwide and the usage characteristics of 21,000 and growing cloud products.

We collect this data from the public internet. We are not in-line (from a traffic perspective), nor do our customers provide us with any usage data. This means we monitor solely from publicly available products and infrastructure. Increasingly, though, many on-prem and behind-firewall products have a public component, which our sensors can monitor.

Domo's Impressive Growth and Opportunity for Development

Our analysis indicates that Domo isn’t a thing of the past: its potential market is impressive. The volume of companies that can use its services is vast, which gives Domo the potential for incredible growth beyond its already stellar start. We analyze companies with use cases for Analytics, Big Data and Data Lakes. This leads us to believe they will have a need for Domo’s sophisticated platform.


Domo has a strong market across all business sizes, but its biggest potential is in mid-market company sizes. About 38.8% of its potential customer base is in the mid-market level. This data makes sense, as mid-market is where company hierarchies become concrete and communications become siloed. A platform that can bring all departments together becomes a necessity for continuity.



Although North America is the region with the most growth potential, the EMEA market is close behind. Domo would be wise to invest more in the EMEA region.

Harnessing the Power of Integration

Domo's strength lies in its ability to integrate with over 100 other applications. A company that deploys one of these 100 apps represents a business opportunity for Domo. We take a look at the total addressable market consisting of companies deploying more than one of the apps.

For example, Hubspot, which integrates with Domo, has a customer base of over 50,000 that could use Domo's product. Other major companies and their customer bases are shown below.



Each one of these companies presents an opportunity for Domo. By combining our analysis above, we start to see natural sales strategies. For example, Domo can have its team target businesses that deploy two or more apps and are in the mid-market category – Intricately can provide the exact number of target accounts that meet these criteria.

The market opportunity is large enough for Domo that we must wonder how it could possibly be slowed down.

Domo's Top Clients

Domo's top enterprise clients speak to the power and potential of Domo to reach an even broader market:


· Univision

· The Honest Company

· Telus

· Newsday

· The New York Times

Domo's Top Competitors

According to the G2Crowd competitive matrix, Domo's top competitors are

· Tableau

· Qlik

· Microsoft

· Salesforce

· Birst

· Google

· MicroStrategy

· Looker

Where Did Intricately Get This Data?

Intricately monitors the adoption, usage and spend on 21,000 distinct cloud products and analyzes the usage of more than 7 million companies worldwide. With our proprietary Global Sensor Network, we deploy more than 150 points of presence (PoPs). These PoPs give Intricately a comprehensive view of how organizations deploy, utilize and invest in their digital products and applications. Click here to see a list of products we monitor.

We hope you enjoyed reading this report. Our Enterprise Platform helps leaders across cloud marketing and sales organizations forecast, prioritize and close opportunities faster. Let our team give you a demo of our product today! In the meantime, you can see some of our data using our free web app.

Note: The data in this report has been collected via Intricately's proprietary Global Sensor Network. Our sensors evaluated 8 million companies and monitored 21,000 unique cloud products. 


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