What Does CloudPassage’s Future Look Like?

Cybercrime damages will cost the world $6 trillion annually by 2021. To put that number into context, it is exponentially more than the damage inflicted from natural disasters in a year and more than the global trade value of all major illegal drugs combined, according to market research firm Cyberventures. CloudPassage, which has been in business since 2009, developed a cybersecurity platform provider that helps businesses secure their systems and data. 

Why has cybercrime become such a vast and lucrative business? It’s because of the constantly changing threat landscape. Organizations embrace new technology to extend the reach of their networks and to reach more customers and partners in novel ways. But those extensions become potential entry points for hackers. Consequently, a growing number of enterprises need help thwarting criminals.

CloudPassage’s Halo solution wards off would-be intruders as they try to worm their way into enterprise networks and compromise confidential data. The vendor focuses on the enterprise market. Its customer base has grown steadily and now includes technology providers, Fortune 50 firms and emerging start-ups.

CloudPassage is a privately held business. It held multiple financing rounds that raised more than $120 million in venture capital, with the last one completed in August 2015. Its supporters include Benchmark Capital, Meritech Capital Partners, Tenaya Capital, Shasta Ventures and Musea Ventures.

Business Benefits

CloudPassage’s solutions act like armor, protecting company software and assets from outside attacks. One challenge is the variety of applications that businesses use. Established firms have software that was designed a decade or more ago and runs in their corporate data centers. Cloud computing is popular because it enables corporations to hand application management over to a third party, who runs the systems offsite. Increasingly, enterprises are putting more of their business applications in the cloud because doing so lowers costs, eases deployments and streamlines maintenance.

As a result, organizations need flexible security solutions. Halo has a modern design, but one that works with both new and legacy systems. Consequently, CloudPassage helps companies keep their private, hybrid and public clouds secure and compliant with industry regulations. The solution works with Amazon Web Services S3, AWS ES, AWS Lambda and Azure Complete as well as applications relying on Docker, containers and private and hybrid clouds.


CloudPassage has carved out a viable and growing niche in the complex cloud security space. The vendor developed a robust solution that addresses many of the security concerns enterprises encounter nowadays.

Moving forward, the company faces both opportunities and challenges. The major cloud providers, such as AWS, Google and Microsoft, are in a highly competitive market. To gain an edge, they must constantly add new services. Every time they extend their reach, CloudPassage has a new potential differentiator and revenue stream.

But customers desire simplicity and consistency when using these security solutions. They want the interfaces and capabilities to be similar although the services themselves are often very different. Hiding the differences and creating uniformity while extending its product line represents one challenge for CloudPassage.

Intricately Analysis

Intricately has analyzed CloudPassage’s business model and strategy to identify its total addressable market and its best opportunities. These insights come from Intricately’s Global Sensor Network, which gleans detailed information from more than 7 million businesses worldwide regarding the usage characteristics of more than 21,000 – and growing – cloud products. 

CloudPassage Customer Profile

Halo supports a wide range of use cases. As noted through the years, many organizations have invested a lot of time, money and effort into building applications and want to ensure that those assets are protected. Consequently, the most common use case for Halo is on-premise and cloud solutions. We evaluate the total addressable market based on companies with this use case.



CloudPassage serves a wide variety of customers. Its service protects virtual assets for businesses ranging in size from small start-ups to the world’s largest enterprises. Halo has been particularly popular among start-ups, some of which are integrating it into their own cloud services. We look at the applications that integrate directly into CloudPassage and are listed as key solutions.

cloud market

Geographic Footprint

The cloud market is global in nature as evidenced by CloudPassage’s customer base. North America has the highest number of customers, followed by Europe, Asia and Latin America. Of note is that Amazon Web Services EC2 services are quite popular in Asia Pacific, accounting for more than twice as many providers as the second-closest option, which is on-premise solutions (insert chart 3). 

Cloud Spend Analysis

Intricately provides an estimated cloud spend for 7 million companies around the globe. It’s a culmination of the cloud products deployed, the use case, the complexity of the deployment and their traffic. 

The higher the spend, the more complex the cloud infrastructure. Higher-spend companies don’t necessarily have the most employees. Based on our research above, CloudPassage should look at companies with high spends.

Notable Customers

CloudPassage has performed successful installations for a range of companies. In the consumer sector, its clients include Grubhub, and in the technology space, Centrify has used Halo to help it deliver security services to businesses.

  1. Centrify
  2. Xero
  3. Informatica
  4. Grubhub
  5. BioRad

Competitive Analysis

CloudPassage plays within a growing niche in the cybersecurity market. The company’s solutions are designed to protect workloads (software performing specific functions) in a variety of deployment models: on-premises physical and virtual systems and private, hybrid and public clouds. These solutions are also evolving to support container-based application architectures, which are gaining traction. Competition is fierce because the market has such great potential. 

A number of other companies are in this market, including

  1. Qualys
  2. Nutanix Beam
  3. CloudCheckr
  4. Dome9 ARC
  5. Lacework


Intricately’s data illustrates that CloudPassage has a large market opportunity, from start-up companies to large enterprises. Securing those two ends of the market can be challenging. Start-ups need a supplier that moves quickly and is not weighed down by bureaucratic red tape. Established vendors desire security and want to be sure that whoever they’re working with has sufficient depth to remain in business moving forward. CloudPassage has to balance those needs and maintain focus. Intricately is a data source that can drive this focus.

Want More Information?

Intricately monitors the adoption, usage and spend on 21,000 distinct cloud products and analyzes the usage of more than 7million companies worldwide. Using its proprietary Global Sensor Network, deployed in more than 150 points of presence (PoPs), Intricately has a comprehensive view of how organizations deploy, utilize and invest in their digital products and applications (click here to see a list of products we monitor).

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