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Cloud, On-Prem Or Hybrid: Find Your Ideal Buyers In The 2021 App Deployment Landscape

application deployment market report

As application deployment becomes easier and more flexible with IaaS and PaaS solutions, businesses have many options for how to deploy and maintain their applications. 

The types of implementation they choose can give cloud sellers a clue into their overall digital maturity, and an understanding whether or not they're a valuable prospect. 

By examining the applications of 7 million different companies, Intricately data reveals opportunities to capitalize on the maturation and expansion of business applications across multiple deployment configurations. You can find these insights in the 2021 Intricately State of Application Deployment Report.

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The Data to Shape Your Go-To-Market Strategy

Leveraging our global sensor network, Intricately provides insight into how companies are launching applications, where applications are hosted, what tools they use for maintenance, the behavior that drives application usage, and more. 

Using these insights, cloud sellers can identify:

  • New revenue opportunities within the application deployment landscape
  • Which prospects to target within each deployment model (Cloud, Hybrid, or On-Prem)
  • What application maturity reveals about the prospects currently in your pipeline

By understanding the patterns of applications deployed across companies, cloud sellers can better understand who they sell to, what challenges developers experience, what needs they have, and where digital priorities are at across different maturity points. 

The Trends in the Landscape  

Within the report Intricately data revealed a number of trends within the application landscape that can craft targeted go-to-market strategies. Here are a few: 

  1. The rise of IaaS and PaaS 

    Over the last five years, solutions that make application development, deployment, and operations easier have driven incredible growth in cloud-native applications and migration to the cloud. IaaS and PaaS providers, specifically, make it simple for businesses to build and launch their applications with affordable and widely accessible application distribution frameworks. Outsourced infrastructure offers benefits of reduced CapEx costs and increased scalability and agility. 

  2. Hybrid and On-Prem Grew Due to Unique Security and Maintenance Needs  

    Intricately data shows that application deployment in data centers continues to grow year-over-year. Amid legacy industries—banking, healthcare, government—on-premise data centers, at least used in a hybrid approach, are still necessary. Enterprises in particular launched nearly one million applications using data centers, compared to roughly 630,000 applications in the cloud. 

  3. The Road To The Cloud Can Lead Back to On-Prem 

    As cloud native companies mature, they often move to on-premise data centers to reduce costs. IaaS and PaaS services are the more affordable option for companies at earlier stages of maturity because they don’t require upfront expensive CapEx costs. However, once companies reach a certain size and traffic load (e.g., many. Fortune 1000 companies), they’ll typically need to invest in their own infrastructure. To learn more about the state of cloud hosting, download our 2020 Intricately State of Cloud Hosting Report.

These trends, along with the cloud spend data revealed in this report, shows cloud sellers where to focus their go-to-market strategies. Firmographic data alone doesn’t shed sufficient light on prospects' likelihood to buy or fit with their ideal customer profile. Comprehensive analysis into the application landscape adds dimension that cloud sellers need to stay competitive. 

Download the Report

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