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Matt Hogan

Matt Hogan

I’m Matt Hogan, the Head of Customer Success at Intricately. My background includes years of experience in a management role with the responsibility of designing and implementing my vision for customer success & customer experience. Outside of business, I enjoy sailing & surfing as much as possible, and if I can't do that - golf. All activity is intermixed with wines I can't afford :)

Comparing The 6 Largest Data Center Providers

Data center providers are increasingly replacing traditional in-house server rooms managed by a company’s IT staff. As the world moves to the cloud, leading providers are also shifting their focus from pursuing traditional business customers to meeting the needs of large cloud service providers like AWS, Google, and Microsoft.

Cloud Vs. Data Center Vs. Hybrid: How Does Application Growth Compare?

Cloud, data center or hybrid: Which hosting environment shows the steepest growth rate, and what does it mean to you? Find out in our 2019 Data Center Market report.

How New Relic Can Define 2020 And Beyond

New Relic’s capabilities and user-friendly software made it one of the fastest-growing companies for the majority of the past six years.

The Top 3 Data Center Trends To Watch In 2019

As cloud technology and services continue to expand, discover what trends are powering the most significant growth of cloud application hosting in 2019.

Splunk: Upside Remains In The Big Data Market

Splunk will need to be able to identify leads and prioritize their pipeline based on a companies cloud use-case, their budget as it relates to cloud technology, as well as spending trends.

The Evolution Of The Data Center: Introducing The Intricately 2019 Data Center Market Report

Download the 2019 Data Center Market Report to unlock an in-depth analysis of growth trends, popularity, and spend habits across application hosting environments.

How Qualys Will Continue To Grow In 2019

We analyze the market potential for Qualys. You'll learn how Qualys can tap into the growing need for companies to modernize their infrastructure to meet the demands of security and cloud compliance.

Fastly’s Carolyn VerDuin Shares How Her Team Is Selling In Today’s Edge Computing Market

With the growing edge computing market, Fastly has grown quickly and expanded into new markets. Carolyn VerDuin sat down with the Intricately team to discuss how her team is embracing the opportunity with data and innovation.

Limelight Networks’ Aaron Lockhart Shares His Playbook For Success, Plus Advice And Predictions For SOPS Leaders

Aaron Lockhart of Limelight sat down with the Intricately team to share the role that data plays in his team’s efforts for prospecting and prioritization, and the strategies he uses to empower his sales teams to be successful.‍

How Dynatrace Can Win The APM Market

If Dynatrace truly starts to understand its market and spread its reach to new customer bases, they can have unprecedented growth. Although their shift to the cloud created costs, it also made remarkable opportunities in new markets.
Cloud Reports

Intricately’s New Report Helps Cloud Sellers Understand the Application Deployment Landscape

In Intricately’s latest Application Deployment Report, we offer visibility into trends shaping the application deployment landscape.

Cloud, On-Prem Or Hybrid: Find Your Ideal Buyers In The 2021 App Deployment Landscape

Data from the 2021 App Deployment Landscape Report highlights a number of trends to help cloud sellers build targeted go-to-market strategies.

How Cloud Sellers Can Capitalize on 2020 Regional Growth in the Gaming Vertical

Let’s take a look at some examples of fast-growing gaming businesses who represent opportunities for global cloud sellers.

For a Successful ABM Strategy, Don't Overlook Firmographic Data

An essential starting point for developing prospect insights is accurate firmographic data. Learn the basics.

The Top Competitive Intelligence Tools to Guide your 2021 Go-To-Market Strategy

Let's dive into the competitive intelligence tools that offer valuable insights to decision-makers who want to stay ahead of the curve in 2021.

How To Improve Sales and Marketing Alignment When Implementing ABM

Whether you’re an ABM novice or expert, there’s always room to increase alignment between Sales and Marketing.
Marketing and Demand Gen

How to Perform Account Segmentation and Prioritization

It’s essential to segment accounts by key characteristics—potential to convert, highest revenue, engagement, model fit—so that your teams understand which are the highest priority.

Top 10 Market Research Tools in 2020

What does market research look like in 2020 — and what are the top tools to conduct market research today? These 10 tools can take your market research to the next level.

How to Nail Your Total Addressable Market (TAM)

TAM is a crucial component in the account-based marketing and sales playbook. Here, we take a look at what TAM is, how to create it, and how to use it practically. 

The Guide To Using Competitive Marketing Intelligence

Do you know the difference between competitive marketing intelligence and competitive intelligence? What about how to conduct it? Competitive marketing intelligence can help you find revenue opportunities like never before.

2020 Global Gaming Vertical Trends That Cloud Vendors Should Know About

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted every industry and economy across the world in 2020. The increase in people staying home has contributed to growth across the gaming vertical.

How Increased Content Consumption During COVID-19 Is Driving 2020 CDN Market Growth

Consumers were increasing their content consumption before COVID-19—the pandemic accelerated this trend.

Nike Cloud Footprint

See how much Nike, Inc. spends on Cloud and Data Center IT Infrastructure. We've built a digital map of their application traffic, product usage, parent/child relationships and more.

Nike Cloud Footprint

See how much Nike, Inc. spends on Cloud and Data Center IT Infrastructure. We've built a digital map of their application traffic, product usage, parent/child relationships and more.

Google Cloud Footprint

See how much Nike, Inc. spends on Cloud and Data Center IT Infrastructure. We've built a digital map of their application traffic, product usage, parent/child relationships and more.

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