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Intricately’s New Application-Level Data Set Enables Customized Outreach to Prospects

intricately application-level data

Intricately’s new application-level data empowers cloud sellers and marketers to better engage with prospects using our most granular insights to date. With application-level data, outreach to prospects can be highly customized based not just on domain-level cloud usage, but on specific application usage by each hostname operated by that company. 

What does Intricately’s application-level data look like?

Intricately enables cloud sales and marketing teams with a view into the cloud adoption, usage and spend data of millions of major brands, from large enterprise to small startups. This new and enhanced application-level data takes this view a step further by breaking down the cloud usage by the hostnames operated by each company. 

For example, let's look at the digital footprint of manufacturing company John Deere. Intricately data reveals the brand’s overall cloud adoption usage and spend on our website:

  • Estimated monthly cloud spend: $1 million
  • Primary cloud hosting provider: Amazon EC2
  • Primary cloud security provider: Akamai WAF
  • Primary CDN provider: Akamai CDN

View John Deere's complete profile in Intricately.

While this data paints a great picture of a company's overall cloud usage, cloud sellers are still struggling with guesswork in an effort to create a customized pitch for their solution.

With application-level data, a cloud sales team searching for entry points into John Deere can see exactly which cloud products are being used by specific applications or sub-domains. 

Let’s take a look at an example of this dataset for John Deere. Below, you'll see that Intricately breaks down the specific cloud product being used by the many applications under the John Deere domain: 


This is just a small sample of Intricately's application-level data. For a complete application-level view into John Deere's, or any other company's domain, contact the team at Intricately.

Ask about application-level data

How Cloud Sellers and Marketers Use Application-Level Data 

With this granularity, sales and marketing teams selling cloud solutions can customize their approach to target accounts. Rather than make a generic pitch to a prospect about how their product stacks up against AWS, a sales rep can easily tailor the conversation to discuss specific benefits at the application and product-level. 

For example – cloud sales reps without application-level data are limited to high-level recommendations about what their product can do. This might look like: 

"Try our cloud product, which typically does X and Y better than our competitors."  

But with Intricately’s Account Planning dataset, cloud sales reps can expound on their solution's unique differentiators by application and use-case, up-leveling their pitch:

"Our solution is the best fit for supporting your development servers. For this use case, we do X, Y, and Z better than your current vendor, Acme CDN."

Marketing teams running account-based marketing campaigns can leverage Intricately cloud footprint data to customize messaging and focus on what resonates most to the prospects within their target account list. Intricately customers see significant increases in revenue through stronger sales and marketing alignment, better account planning, and larger deal sizes.

“Intricately empowers marketing to not only understand what technologies a company is using but also how they are fundamentally using those technologies, which is something I have not seen anywhere else.”

— Daniel Day, Director of ABM at Snowflake

Contact Intricately for a Custom Application-Level Data Sample 

Reach out to our team of data analysts to discover application-level insights of the top prospects your company is targeting in 2022. We can evaluate your target account list based on their adoption, usage, and spend of cloud products, reshape your ideal customer profile based on these insights, and much more.  

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