Accelerate Go-to-Market Execution with Actionable Data from Intricately Alerts

Today's go-to-market teams are swimming in a sea of data. Not only do these teams need to leverage the right data to work smarter and more efficiently to close deals; sales representatives in particular need to understand the market in real-time in order to act quickly on new opportunities.

The cloud market isn’t static – and your data shouldn’t be, either. Cloud sales and marketing teams count on Intricately data to build their target account list by understanding how their prospects are using and spending on SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS applications right now

Introducing Intricately Alerts

Our team is thrilled to announce the newest prospecting feature within the Intricately platform: Alerts. Intricately Alerts empower our users to better monitor the changes happening across cloud companies. These alerts can be set up as signals to your team to flag new prospects, note changes in product usage among current customers, and more.

Starting today, Enterprise/Pro users will be able to subscribe to alerts for the following:

Smart Lists

You need the right data at the right time. Use Smart Lists to define your ideal customer profile (ICP), then sign up for automatic email notifications when new companies are added or prospects drop off your list.

Watch Lists

It’s now much easier to track companies you’re interested in as prospects. With Watch List alerts, users will be able to “follow” a company from the Intricately web application or extension – adding it to a Watch List where all of their followed companies are saved.


These alerts provide deeper visibility into how investments at your prospects’ businesses are changing. The Events feed tracks and displays when a product or application is added or removed at an organization.

Turn your prospects' cloud spend and usage data into revenue opportunities with Intricately

These new alerts improve the accuracy and relevancy of the data that's fueling your go-to-market activities. With a unified view across marketing and sales, Intricately data can help your team identify the right target accounts and better sell to them with accurate messaging. Reach our to our team to learn how. 

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