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5 Cloud Market Trends Shaping The Industry In 2020

Despite increasing volatility in today’s global economic landscape, 2020 remains on pace for another record year of cloud application growth. Gartner predicts that public cloud revenue will grow by 17% in 2020.

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Trend 1: AWS Dominates the Cloud Hosting Market

AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) remain the three largest cloud hosting providers. Yet AWS is growing revenue and customer count at a faster rate than competitors. AWS reported $9.95 billion in cloud revenue in the last quarter of 2019 alone.  


Trend 2: Microsoft and Google Rely On SaaS to Drive Cloud Utilization

Microsoft and GCP deploy low-cost SaaS solutions with the hopes it will lead to stickier, higher-margin IaaS and PaaS purchases. 

According to reports, Google Cloud generated $2.61 billion for the quarter, but that number includes both GCP and G Suite. Meanwhile, Microsoft reported $12.5 billion in combined cloud revenue, which includes SaaS (Office 365, Dynamics, etc.) and cloud computing (Microsoft Azure).

In the same calendar quarter, AWS surpassed GCP’s quarterly cloud revenue nearly five times with its IaaS and PaaS products alone. Amazon reported just under $10 billion in cloud revenue, putting them far ahead of Google and Microsoft for cloud hosting market share.

The most lucrative product category is IaaS & PaaS products, which AWS remains the leader in.

Lucrative Product

Trend 3: Customer Spending Will Continue to Grow Among Top Providers

Business dollars are continuing to shift from physical on-premises assets to shared cloud assets. Gartner forecasts IaaS to grow 24% year over year in 2020, which is the highest growth rate across all market segments.

Despite cloud computing’s massive influence in the technology space, cloud spending only represents 5.6% of total IT spending, which is on track to hit $3.8 trillion this year. If only 20% of enterprise workloads have moved to the cloud, we expect massive growth to come.

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Trend 4: Microsoft Azure And GCP Face Significant Challenges Catching AWS By Organic Growth

In 2019, validation that organic growth might not be enough to catch a cloud leader was demonstrated by several of the top companies in the cloud hosting space.

Recent big moves include: 

  • IBM acquired Red Hat for $34 billion last year to expand its multi-cloud platform. 
  • Microsoft and Oracle recently announced a cloud partnership that connects Azure services to Oracle Cloud services.
  • In December 2019, Microsoft won a $10 billion technology contract with the Department of Defense, a deal that IBM, Oracle, Amazon, and Google were also after. The contract puts Microsoft in a prime position to earn the estimated $40 billion that the federal government will spend on cloud computing over the next few years. 

Trend 5: AWS Leads the LATAM Market

Customers in Latin America are looking for better application performance, security, and hybrid cloud solutions in the IaaS and PaaS segments. Companies in the region are also prioritizing stringent new compliance requirements in the wake of data protection regulations like the GDPR. 

Cloud providers like IBM, Microsoft, and AWS are starting to roll out new cloud services in the region to meet IaaS customer demands.

Over the next 10 years, Amazon is estimated to spend $800 million on a new regional data center in Argentina, South America’s second-largest economy. Microsoft recently announced plans to invest $1.1 billion in Mexico over the next five years, which will include building a new Azure data center.

AWS is the clear leader in LATAM customers, followed by Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure. 

Google Cloud Platform

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