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4 Ways Sales Teams Use Intricately’s Data

Did you know tens of thousands of users utilize our sales tool?

If you’re at a larger organization, we’d actually bet that a team member or two at your current organization is already using Intricately.

But how do you extract the full value of our sales tool? This guide is meant to help everyone on your sales team realize the incredible data and insights you can glean by utilizing our data in different ways.

  1. Researching individual accounts

One of the first ways our users take advantage of Intricately’s sales tool is our product search feature. This tool allows you to look up your prospects and look into individual company pages that hold a number of unique insights divided into two categories: products and companies.

When you use our product search, you can learn about the following attributes of a cloud company:

  • Estimated customer count
  • Traffic distribution
  • Customer distribution
  • Top customers
  • Recent customers
  • Customers nearing renewal

1. Business Intelligence At Your Fingertips

Our database of companies is robust, with details on over five million companies—from Prada, to Uberflip, to Facebook and beyond. On each company page, users can learn about a number of features, including what products the company has in use, what data center hosting it’s using and its content delivery systems, security details, traffic management, DNS and SaaS solutions.


Users can also learn the total number of registered company names a vendor has, applications it’s deployed and Alexa rank, as well as recent events like new technology products vendors have added or removed. For sales and marketing teams, these pages can help a prospecting cloud sales team to personalize their outreach by understanding granular aspects of a company’s digital presence.


Prioritize your best opportunities


2. Prioritize your best opportunities

With a wealth of information at your fingertips and a variety of inbound leads at your disposal, it’s important to prioritize the leads that are most valuable to your organization. To do that, you’ll need a tool that gives you meaningful insights about your leads’ cloud product spend, how advanced their technology stack is, the size of their digital organization and the renewal dates of competing products.

Intricately’s suite of tools provides you with the information and insight you’ll need to make smart determinations about which leads deserve your time and resources and which leads can be deprioritized.

3. Creating lists for Sales & Marketing

One of Intricately’s most advanced features is our Smart Lists, which allow you to create a list of companies, or accounts, based on a variety of data points that allow you to narrow your company search down to highly specific categories.

Our free Smart Lists can be highly valuable to a range of marketers and salespeople because they can be tailored to your needs, allowing you to target specific attributes of your ideal customers. Among the qualities you can target for are

  • Product category
  • Company location
  • Number of employees
  • Overall cloud spend
  • Alexa rank
  • Industry

Upgrading to Enterprise

While our free tools can be an absolute boon to your marketing and sales operations, Intricately’s enterprise accounts can provide even greater value—you’ll gain unlimited, exclusive access to proprietary data collected by our global network of sensors. These enterprise features give you insights into factors like

  • Traffic (the percentage of traffic demand from a specific region or country)
  • Best prospects (companies that are the best prospects for you based on their purchased technologies, timing and spend)
  • Use cases (how products are being utilized and where companies are spending)
  • Spend growth percentage (sort companies by their cloud spend growth)
  • City, state and ZIP code
  • Data center geography
  • Data center spend (monthly spend on data center hosting, including any form of on-premise hardware deployments such as managed hosting, colocation and/or an entire data center operation)

Beyond highly advanced Smart List targeting, our enterprise plan offers a number of other benefits. You can learn more about our enterprise offering by chatting with us today.

4.Seamlessly Integrate Intricately’s data

Intricately’s users understand that there’s great power in exclusive access to information about how companies are using and spending on the cloud. They also know that this information can be invaluable on the go—which is why we’ve developed a free Google Chrome extension that allows you to use our tools across the web.

Tech, Spend, and More - Intricately Insight is our Google Chrome tool that enables you to create watch lists, identify and monitor prospects, set up alerts and immediately gather insights about the companies whose digital assets you’re accessing—essentially using our tool as x-ray vision into the inner workings of your potential clientele. These insights can help inform your outreach and, even better, can be integrated with Salesforce, allowing you to further qualify your leads and plan your outreach.

What will you do with our data?

Intricately’s massive proprietary database provides you with the business insight you need to deploy a sophisticated account-based marketing strategy. The possibilities are essentially endless—but with our knowledge base and team of experts, you can quickly create the tailored plan that works best for you.

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